• 6 cities cracking the street art code

    6 cities cracking the street art code

    Vandalism or art? After an incredibly long history of dividing public opinions, today more and more of us appreciate graffiti as an art form in its own merit; one that can transform cities on a global scale. People are flocking all over the world to see the work by these truly talented artists. So, to make your life easier, we have rounded up our top six cities where you can combine a fantastic holiday with some captivating street art too!

    Mexico City

    Mexico City is home to some truly incredible street art and has been for many, many years. The city created the ‘All City Canvas’ project. The project transformed some of its buildings and how impressive they are now. If you’re up for checking out the thriving art scene in Mexico City, visit La Romita for vibrant pieces. Similarly, head to Plaza Luis Cabrera instead and witness the ever-changing and ever-growing street culture. Here, you can observe everything from stencilled pieces to painted portraits, and everything in between!

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    Everyone knows London isn’t the cheapest of cities. Luckily, street art is free to all and London is a fab hub for a variety of works. The urban scene in London ranges from huge murals painted on buildings to the giant blue rooster in Trafalgar Square. Let’s not forget the globally renowned Banksy pieces either! Go for a wander around London and see what you can discover. There are many quirky pieces dotted around the capital.

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    Virtually every street in Prague is splashed with urban art and no matter how large or small the pieces may be, Prague’s culture flows through the writings on the walls. Graffiti is an active outlet in Prague. This magnificent city is home to a number of great pieces created by some of the best street artists. If you appreciate art with a deeper meaning, be sure to visit the Lennon Wall. Inspired by Beatles’ songs and promoting peace and love, this is a perfect example of how this unique art form is delivering positivity worldwide.

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    Lisbon has utilised the urban art form in a way to unite its city and as such, the ‘Crono Project’ was introduced. Street artists came together to bring neglected buildings in the business district back to life. Lisbon’s culture is a prominent theme for some of its best pieces flowing throughout the city. In Mouraria, the walls are inspired by fado, a popular musical style. In Bairro Alto, every restaurant, bar and club is covered with vibrant pieces and is often referred to as Lisbon’s most colourful neighbourhood!

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    In Lodz, Poland, the graffiti art is truly incredible to witness with some urban pieces as large as ten stories tall! Two artists, collectively known as ‘Etam’ are the creators behind the majority of the works in Lodz and each unique piece is inspired by Polish folklore. The streets of Lodz were once gloomy. Now, there are over 40 large murals scaling many buildings and the doom and gloom has since diminished. The art scene in Lodz is frequently changing. If you decide to visit, keep your eyes peeled as you never know what you may come across!

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    New York City

    New York is a city rich in culture but is now also rich in super cool street art you must check out. Today, artists flock to artsy Brooklyn to showcase their pieces, so if you go for a wander here, expect to see many buildings splashed with colour. In addition, another hotspot for vibrant pieces is New York’s Highline. This old converted railway track is now an aboveground park and showcases a whole host of amazing pieces. This prime spot keeps people returning year on year. The art is forever changing here so there is always something new to discover.

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    Image credit: Matthis Volquardsen/Pexels.com
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