• Top 10 rides and attractions at PortAventura World

    Top 10 rides and attractions at PortAventura World

    Fast rollercoasters, exhilarating drops and little rides with just the right amount of thrills always make for a great day out. But why not turn it all into a holiday? Well, just as PortAventura World is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020, it has no doubt cemented itself as one of the most exciting theme parks in the world. If you’re after a quick break with the whole family, Salou’s PortAventura World is the way to go!

    The resort is home to a range of fantastic hotels including Hotel El Paso, Hotel Caribe, Hotel Gold River, Hotel Colorado Creek, Lucy’s Mansion and the aptly named Hotel PortAventura. Plus, three thrilling parks: PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land. All parks are great fun for all ages, but you’re no doubt wondering what the very best rides are… That’s where we come in! We’ve gathered all the intel you need to discover PortAventura World’s best rides.

    King Khajuna (Caribe Aquatic Park)

    King Khajuna at PortAventura
    The tallest water slide in PortAventura Resort. Need we say more? This is definitely one for the thrillseekers! PortAventura like to drench some of their rides in mythology and the story for this one follows ancient tribes of Hawaii who tell a tale about Khajuna. A boy who is adopted by dolphins and travels among the seas in search for the strongest wave. By overcoming all that the wave has to offer, he will in turn become King Khajuna. Now, it’s time for you to grab the baton and become the new King Khajuna!

    The slide can be seen from all over the Aquatic Park which will surely entice those looking for a quick adrenaline burst. Situated in the park’s recent 14,000 m2 extension, King Khajuna is for the brave. Climb right to the top, then prepare yourself for the slippery, vertical drop. You’ll no doubt want to do it again, or just be glad that you conquered it once…

    Red Force (Ferrari Land)

    Red Force at Ferrari Land

    Feel the wind rush through your hair on one of Ferrari Land’s most exhilarating rides. It’s 112 metres high and has an acceleration from 0 to 180km/h in just 5 seconds. You’ll also feel a force of 1.3 g. If you’ve ever wanted to capture the feeling of an F1 race, Red Force is just the thing that’s going to do it!

    Furius Baco (PortAventura Park)

    Furius Baco at PortAventura

    It’s fast. It’s furious. Or ‘furius’ in this case… because it’s the Furius Baco! Situated in PortAventura Park’s Mediterranean world, the story behind this one is an experiment out of control. A professor’s invention, Furius Baco is a grape collecting machine, but he also has a naughty assistant in the form of a monkey and when he pulls the wrong lever, well, the ride turns into a vicious catapult.

    When you step onto this ride, you become the willing test subjects. It goes from 0 to 135km/h in 3 seconds, skyrockets downwards, crosses over ditches, propels through dark tunnels and skims the Mediterranean Lake. Adrenaline junkies will gladly queue up for this one!

    Dragon Khan (PortAventura Park)

    Dragon Khan at PortAventura
    When you make your way to the China world in PortAventura Park, there’s no way you’ll miss Dragon Khan. It’s all about Prince Hu who tried to dethrone the Emperor, however, he didn’t succeed. Instead the wise gods turned him into a dragon, left to wander for all eternity.

    On Dragon Khan, you get to experience what freely flying like a dragon is like. You’ll be soaring and spiralling (eight times!) in the air. There’s nothing else like it at the park!

    Shambhala (PortAventura Park)

    Shambhala at PortAventura
    Just because you’ve enjoyed one ride in China, doesn’t mean your time there is over! In fact, perhaps the best-known ride in the whole park is located there. Inspired by the Kingdom of Bhutan, Shambhala is the tallest rollercoaster in PortAventura and has the longest drop. Due to its size and height, it is known as a hypercoaster. Aside from its size and speed, what makes the Shambhala so thrilling? It’s the five camelbacks (ascends and descends) along the track which create the adrenaline-infused sensation you’re after.

    Hurakan Condor (PortAventura Park) 

    Hurakan Condor at PortAventura
    Hurakan Condor is for the fearless and courageous types. Especially those who don’t mind heights! When you visit the Mexico world at the park, you’ll see the Hurakan Condor towering over you. It’s 100 metres high which you will be taken to the top of. Then, all you have to do is wait… Get ready for the inevitable, rapid drop below.

    Grand Canyon Rapids (PortAventura Park)

    Grand Canyon Rapids at PortAventura
    Now, we know not everyone is looking for high-flying rollercoasters and never-ending drops. And that’s completely fine. There’s nothing wrong with easy-going rides that the whole family can enjoy without any restrictions. That’s where the cult favourite of Grand Canyon Rapids come in! Set in the Far West world, experience the gold rush in an exciting and fun way.

    One boat carries a maximum of nine people as you hurtle down the bumpy Colorado river. The waters may rock you from side to side as rushing waterfalls will drench you. Also, watch out for the riverside gangsters who hope to catch you with their water guns!

    El Torrente (Caribe Aquatic Park)

    El Torrente at PortAventura
    If you wish to up the ante a little bit – head to the Caribe Aquatic Park and discover the treacherous waters of El Torrente. Hop in an inflatable boat and brave the current. There are sharp twists and turns, quick drops and powerful surges. Oh, and a tip for you! The more people you have in your raft, the faster you’ll go!

    Stampida (PortAventura Park)

    Stampida at PortAventura
    Located in the Far West, Stampida is a wooden rollercoaster that is 1km long and features a series of climbs and descents. The story goes that Stampida was built by the Connery and Cranberry families. Each family is symbolised by the different red and blue wagons of the rollercoaster. As each wagon makes its way around the track, it represents the back-and-forth between the families as they hoped to make their mark on the land and claim it as their own.

    El Diablo – Tren de la Mina (PortAventura Park)

    El Diablo at PortAventura
    The colonial Mexico area is home to El Diablo. For those that don’t know… that translates to ‘the devil’. And… it’s El Diablo himself driving the train. Let your imagination wander as you see the silver mine that was closed decades ago due to the disappearance of a group of miners. But it’s time to put on your brave face when you step onto Tren de la Mina as it re-creates the thrilling journey that the lost miners used to make long ago.

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