• 10 reasons to visit Kos

    10 reasons to visit Kos

    Why visit Kos? This is only the birthplace of Hippocrates, the island with some of the most glorious beaches in the Med and a red-hot party spot, too. Here are ten amazing reasons to go right about now…

    1. It has a 112km (70 miles) long coastline

    With a seemingly endless coastline like that, the island of Kos easily turns into an ideal beach getaway: truth is these are some of the finest beaches of the Dodecanese islands. Panoramic sea views all around you and gorgeous weather…what more could you ask for?

    2. Golden beaches to die for

    Speaking of that coast it comes with a plethora of beaches – in fact, Kos has some of the most superb ones around. The south coast around Kamari Bay is especially good for that with its magnificent sandy beaches. Back in the capital: Kritika Beach and Kos Town Beach are perfect for lazy lounging about and swimming.

    3. Fantastic nightlife

    But once the sun goes down Kos is ready to give you another reason to come visit: the nightlife is amazing. There are two main streets here (Diakon and Nafklirou) right at the centre of Kos Town boasting fantastic clubs and bars. Outside the capital head to Kardamena for a night scene defined by British partygoers.

    4. The beautiful Kos Town

    …so, Kos Town is definitely worth a visit. Nightlife aside, this ancient city has a lot to offer in terms of culture vultures: think gorgeous Roman street mosaics, a historic port and plenty of ancient Greek and Roman sites. Plus, the lively marina is full of stylish cafes and tavernas so you can enjoy some absolutely delicious food and nice wine while lunching surrounded by fancy yachtss….

    5. Superb sightseeing

    The island’s history dates back thousands of years and there are numerous ancient sites to prove that. Visit the Venetian Castle of the Knights, the Sanctuary of Asclepius (Asklepieion), the Ancient Agora, the Ancient Market and the old Christian basilica. Sun-splashed ruins with a hefty side of history – get your cultural fix the way you are supposed to.

    6. Gorgeous Venetian and Ottoman architecture

    It’s not just ancient Greek ruins that you can see here. Kos has been influenced by a number of cultures including the Venetians and the Ottomans. Muslim mosques, marble fountains and Venetian buildings define Kos Town, traditional picturesque Greek villages characterize the island…

    7. The Hippocrates Tree (in Kos Town)

    Situated in front of the Castle of Knights, the Hippocrates plane tree is claimed to be the tree that Hippocrates used to sit under and teach his students. Truth is, the tree is 500 years old and is obviously not the one that Hippocrates planted (he lived around the 5th century BC) but it’s still a massive tourist attraction and quite a sight.

    8. The village of Kardamena

    Another place that is fun to visit, the village of Kardamena has a great night scene, sandy beaches and still maintains its traditional charm thanks to its old churches and ancient theatre. Not too bad for a village, is it?

    9. Best watersport centres on the Greek Islands

    Windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, sailing – you name it, all of them are really popular in Kos so if you are a watersports enthusiasts you have no excuse not to visit that gorgeous Greek island. All the popular resorts here have fantastic watersports centres. Plus, here you can also go Super Jet Boating (a powerful jet boat with two turbo engines).

    10. The perfect weather to appreciate all other 9 reasons properly…

    Dry hot summers and mild winters mean that if you visit anytime between April and October you will be experiencing temperatures that do not even think of falling below 20°C. Plus, July is the sunniest month here, with no less than 14 glorious hours of sunshine per day. Absolute win.

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