• When in Zante…how to spend 7 days on the gorgeous Greek Island

    When in Zante…how to spend 7 days on the gorgeous Greek Island

    When it comes to a Greek Island holiday, there are many to choose from. ‘Which one should I visit?’ is the question burning in your mind. Well, let us try and help you out with that. Santorini and Mykonos perhaps come to mind first when thinking about a Greek Island getaway. But, don’t skip past Zante. This wonderful Greek island is full of picturesque views and gorgeous beaches. That isn’t all that the island has to offer as there are many cultural sights here too. If you’re planning a week-long stay on Zakynthos island, we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to spend those seven days.

    Itinerary breakdown:

    Day 1: Explore Zakynthos Town

    On your first day on the island, take things slow as you ease your way into this sightseeing adventure during your trip to Zante. Visit the island’s capital, Zakynthos Town and soak up the atmosphere and sights. There are a few restaurants and shops situated here, perfect for refuelling with some lunch before you’re off again.

    Navagio beach, Zante

    Day 2: Sail to Navagio Beach

    Navagio Beach is the most picturesque spot in Zante, in fact, you’ve probably seen the infamous shot of the bay surrounded by towering rock formations. Navagio Beach otherwise known as Shipwreck Bay and Smuggler’s Cove has to be admired from two separate vantage points. Firstly, check out the view from up top, it is simply stunning. You won’t believe the turquoise shades of the sea and you’ll be all the more tempted to get down there for a swim. Next, you will have to hop on a boat to reach the bay. Once there, have a dip in the bluest of blue waters and investigate the shipwreck.

    Day 3: Turtle spotting in Zakynthos Marine Park

    Zante is the perfect destination for some turtle spotting. Visiting the island at the right time means you can witness turtles hatching their eggs and running off into the ocean. Take a boat out into the sea where loggerhead turtles can be seen. They can live until the age of 67 and grow to weigh around 135kg.

    Day 4: Church-hopping

    There is an abundance of churches on the island of Zante. Whether you prefer to visit one or two or visit the whole load of them whilst you’re here, you can easily sightsee all the churches in one day. Visit the Palatial St. Dionysios Church in Zakynthos Town. After that, check out the stunning Venetian Church of Nicholas. You’ll also come across churches perched up on mountains and wonderful monasteries surrounded by lush greenery.

    Turtles Zante

    Day 5: Beach day

    Zante is home to beautiful beaches, perfect for having a swim or simply relaxing on the golden sands. There are so many beaches on the island that you might even be thinking about beach hopping to make the most out of all of them. Kalamaki beach and Laganas beach are perhaps the most well-known ones. It’s great to spend a day relaxing from all the sightseeing, so soak up the sun and take some time to replenish.

    Day 6: Vineyard tour

    When you’ve had enough sea for the time being in Zante, head out on a vineyard tour. This is a great relaxed tour to partake in, especially if you’re a wine lover. Try a variety of different wines from sweet reds to dry whites and fruity rosé. In Zante, some wineries give you the full package by including shops, terrace bars and even art galleries to compliment the wine tasting.

    Day 7: Relaxation time by the pool

    Finally, at the end of your holiday, spend the day relaxing at the hotel, preferably around the pool. With Zante’s fantastic Mediterranean climate, enjoy the hot sun by cooling off in the refreshing swimming pool waters. Spend this time reflecting on the amazing experiences you had during your Zante holiday and wishing you don’t have to go back home obviously!

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