• Essential Guide: What to do in Copenhagen

    Essential Guide: What to do in Copenhagen

    Originally a Viking fishing village, Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen is now a thriving metropolis and the second largest city in Scandinavia. Sometimes overlooked as a city break destination, this beautiful city is bursting with culture and activities for you to discover.

    From the picturesque Nyhavn to the magic of the Tivoli Gardens, there are plenty of places you need to visit in Copenhagen which will spark your love for this vibrant destination.

    Dine in Nyhavn


    When you consider the list of attractions, choosing what to do in Copenhagen is difficult, but definitely make time to visit Nyhavn, famed for its picturesque harbour, lined with vintage ships and easily recognisable from its brightly-coloured cafes and restaurants. Once a commercial port, the area is now largely used for entertaining and is a popular place for tourists to eat out in the evenings.

    Some of the houses lining the harbour have been the homes of a number of prominent artists, with fairy tale author, Hans Christian Andersen, a resident of the area. Living at number 20, this is the place where he wrote the famous children’s tale, The Princess and the Pea. The enchanting harbour is now brought to life with jazz music and a great atmosphere where you can watch the historic ships bobbing on the water.

    Watch the Changing of the Guard at Amalienborg Palace

    Amalienborg Palace2

    One of the homes of the current Danish royal family, the Amalienborg Palace consists of four impressive buildings which are well worth a visit. This royal residence is particularly famous for its changing of the guard, where at 12pm you can observe the Den Kongelige Livgarde marching through the streets of Copenhagen to the palace.

    When there are members of the royal family living in the palace, the changing of the guard ceremony is accompanied by music, making it a very grand occasion.

    Have Fun in Tivoli Gardens


    This spectacular theme park, with its exhilarating rides and wondrous gardens, is a place every visitor to Copenhagen needs to experience. The Tivoli Gardens contrast unique architecture and fabulous gardens against numerous, thrilling roller coasters – an ideal spot to take the children.

    The oldest roller coaster in the park was built in 1914 and actually requires a brakeman to be on board every train! As well as the theme park, the Tivoli Gardens also play host to a Concert Hall, where you can watch live shows such as Dirty Dancing.

    Explore the National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet


    The Blue Planet aquarium is full of exotic wildlife, from vibrant coral reefs to hammerhead sharks. A day exploring this underwater world is a great family day out and you can even dine in the aquarium surrounded by the tropical fish!

    The architecture of the building is influenced by the swirling motion of a whirlpool, with the entrance made to reflect the vortex. This unusual design makes this aquarium a cut above the rest and is must for anyone visiting Copenhagen.

    Delve into Denmark’s History in the Open Air Museum

    Open air museum2

    One of the oldest outdoor museums in the world, the Open Air Museum in Frilandsmuseet stretches across 80 acres. Consisting of houses, farms and mills ranging from the 17th to the 20th century, exploring the life size reconstructions is a great way to sample a taste of Denmark’s past.

    From watching the changing of the guard to having fun at the National Aquarium, there is a whole host of attractions to discover in Copenhagen.

    If you have any great tips on what to do here, let us know by commenting below.

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