• Tranquil escapes: 6 activities to clear your head (and where to go!)

    Tranquil escapes: 6 activities to clear your head (and where to go!)

    Aside from being an overall stressful and unusual time for us all, we know Covid-19 has put a hold on many holiday plans. We hope to continue inspiring you during this period with new and exciting travel ideas, so that when the world eventually gets back to its old self, you’ll be ready to take it on! 

    When the stresses of every day get you down, it’s always nice to go someplace else. Even if you’re just sat at your desk and daydreaming about escaping it all. Let us transport you to a world where you can let go and breathe. Inspired by Eat, Pray, Love? Live it with these top picks which just ooze health, wellbeing, tranquillity and complete and utter zen.

    Yield inner peace with yoga

    Somewhere exotic: India

    Someplace close: Morocco

    woman in yoga position on beach
    Yoga isn’t just a physical exercise. It also promotes healthy mental and spiritual practices too. So, if you’re looking for something that’s full of overall goodness, yoga is just what you need!

    Over the years, yoga has been practiced in many countries and plays a role in many religions. The authentic yoga experience originated from ancient India and has since become recognised as a physical activity to improve posture, ease stress and boost relaxation.

    India has a wide variety of authentic retreats allowing travellers from all over the globe to join in. On top of that, India has the perfect atmosphere for yoga, a great mysticism, fantastic gurus and well-trained instructors.

    If you’re hoping to get your yoga on somewhere close to home, Morocco is a good shout. Not only does it share amazing landscapes (think the Sahara and Atlas Mountains) like India, but there are loads of retreats dotted about its Mediterranean coastline – the perfect place to relax!

    Immerse yourself in nature with hiking

    Somewhere exotic: Hawaii

    Someplace close: Madeira

    Woman hiking in Hawaiian mountains by Kalen Emsley

    Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

    There’s no better way to clear your head than going out for a walk. Thankfully, there are loads of beautiful trails to explore in a number of places across the globe. The great thing is there’s a range of trails covering a variety of difficulties. Call yourself a beginner? You’ll be sure to find a trail that’s short in length with not much incline, whereas long-time hikers will be able to find something a bit more challenging.

    Hawaii is comprised of 137 islands and has loads of fun and spectacular trails to follow. Perhaps the most popular, the Kalalau Trail, is located on Kauai. It’s a whopping 22 miles roundtrip, boasts stunning views of the Na Pall Coast and will offer you access to the intimate Kalalau Beach – the views are simply bliss!

    For a trip closer to home, Madeira does just the trick. The island is made up of levadas which are water channels that wind their way through lush mountains. Levada do Risco sets you on your way to Risco waterfall and Lagoa das 25 fontes (a lagoon with 25 springs). This is a must-do for keen hikers when in Madeira.

    Feel rejuvenated in thermal springs

    Somewhere exotic: Turkey

    Someplace close: Iceland

    Woman bathing in The Blue Lagoon thermal bath in Iceland
    Experience some of the best of what nature can offer in the form of thermal springs. Pack your swimsuit and ease your way into some of the most amazing spots in the world.

    Formed by heated water which has risen from the Earth’s crust, luckily, some springs consist of water which is at just the right temperature for bathing.

    One of the best-known spots for taking a dip in picturesque thermal springs is Pamukkale, Turkey. Next to the Roman spa city of Hierapolis, a trip to Pamukkale is easy on the eyes just as much as the mind. Watch the thermal waters flow over blinding white terraces. You’ll have to convince yourself to keep the camera away as you mesmerise yourself with the views.

    On the other hand, for a getaway slightly closer to home, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland offers yet another unique thermal spa experience. You’ll be surrounded by a much darker landscape of lava fields, but the contrast of the blue lagoon waters feels just as good as it looks!

    Get loose with golf

    Somewhere exotic: Mexico

    Someplace close: Portugal

    View of a golf course in Portugal
    Golf is the favourite past-time of many, not only does it give you some time to yourself or with a small group of friends, but it probably feels good driving a ball at full speed down a long stretch of land.

    Aside from (possibly) taking out any frustrations or stress on a golf ball, there’s something very calming about golf courses. Probably because it’s a vast area filled with lush surroundings. Sometimes you may even be by the coastline where you can breathe in fresh air and feel the sea breeze.

    Mexico is perfect for this! Golf courses like El Camaleón Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen boast a fascinating location along the Caribbean Sea with views of turquoise waters, tropical jungle and mangrove wetlands.

    Somewhere a bit more affordable and nearer to home is Portugal. The southern region of the Algarve is popular among avid golfers and who can argue? Dramatic cliffs, rolling waves and beautiful sunshine… it’s the ideal cocktail for golf!

    Let it out with Muay Thai

    The place to go: Thailand

    Boys Muay Thai fighting outdoors
    Now, if you’re serious about training in martial arts and Muay Thai catches your eye, heading to its homeland of Thailand is quite the experience.

    Let’s be real, getting punched in the face or kicked in the shins isn’t for everyone. But if you consider yourself quite a daredevil, in need for an extended break and looking for the perfect activity to clear your head and let it all out… a trip to Thailand may just do the trick!

    This Asian paradise is the base of hundreds of Muay Thai training camps, they’re set in different locations and suitable for your budget and length of time you wish to train.

    As it’s the national sport, Thais take it seriously, but even if you’re a beginner there’ll be a camp suited to your wants and needs. You’ll learn discipline and your Spinning Back Fist from your Round House Kick. Plus, with tasty Thai cuisine and spectacular landscapes, who would want to pass up on this opportunity?

    Eat your heart out with feel good food

    Somewhere exotic: Vietnam

    Someplace close: Italy

    waiter serving food outside in Italian restaurant

    Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

    Some of us don’t want to do anything else but indulge in delicious dishes and authentic cuisine. There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, travelling the world and trying new foods sounds like the best concoction for clearing your head.

    Of course, there are tons of places which offer the ideal foodie experience, but if you’re hoping to escape far away, Vietnam is your best bet.

    Ho Chi Minh is full of your typical city life hustle and bustle and it’s well-known for its street food stalls. Roam around the city and try out the first place that catches your eye or look around for something that looks tasty. You’ll find an abundance of noodle and rice dishes which include vegetables, meat or both! There’s no doubt an authentic pho will be on your list – a traditional broth filled with seasoned noodles, meat and veggies.

    On the other hand, Italy is always a firm foodie favourite. Think pastas, pizzas, risottos, truffles and so much more! Plus, with hearty homemade bread and healthy olive oil for starters, this Mediterranean diet is one not to be missed. Oh, and we can’t forget… in Italy it’s only right that you follow up a meal with a scoop (or two!) of gelato, especially on a warm day!

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