• Things to see in Egypt that are not the pyramids

    Things to see in Egypt that are not the pyramids

    Egypt has loads of amazing sights to see and explore, but the main attraction is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. We are of course talking about the Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids have continued to leave travellers and archaeologists puzzled and stunned for centuries. There’s been plenty of debate and controversy surrounding how the pyramids were even built. Intended as tombs for Pharaohs, the pyramids hold a significant importance within the ancient world. But, as fascinating and interesting as the pyramids are, there are a huge number of other sights to see in Egypt. So on your next Egypt holiday make sure you check out these other top sights to see which aren’t the pyramids!

    Abu Simbel

    Now, temples aren’t hard to come by in Egypt. But, even so, Abu Simbel is a breath-taking sight! Made up of two temples, Abu Simbel is dedicated to the pharaoh Ramses II. The first thing you’ll notice about the temples is the intricate detail and work that has gone into the exterior. Abu Simbel boasts a monolithic presence, but it was in fact moved from its original location due to the Aswan dam, which could have submerged the temples in water.

    Abu Simbel


    The peaceful area of Aswan is definitely worth a visit during your Egypt holiday. The River Nile winds and curves throughout the town whilst sandy dunes line the river banks. Aswan is the perfect place for a bit of R&R! Perhaps most recognised for its traditional feluccas. These small boats have a distinct sail and are the preferred mode of transport up and down the Nile. Aside from admiring the Nile, there are plenty of other things to do in Aswan. Make your way across to Elephantine Island via ferry where you can discover unique Nubian influenced villages and streets. Or grab the opportunity to hop on a camel for a journey into the desert to the monastery of St. Simeon.

    Felucca sailing down the Nile in Aswan

    Temple of Karnak

    This temple is known to be the largest religious structure ever built. This is perhaps due to the fact that numerous pharaohs consistently added on to the initial construction. Consequently, several sculptures, pillars and chapels can be found in the temple. To truly immerse yourself in the gigantic nature of the Temple of Karnak, visit the Great Hypostyle Hall which features 134 columns towering over you at around 80 feet in height.

    Pillars in the Temple of Karnak

    White Desert

    The Sahara Desert has always been a huge attraction on an Egypt holiday. However, the White Desert in Farafra adds a spin on the usual sandy and arid outlook. Chalk rock formations create a rather snowy look in the middle of the desert. This is a highlight of any Egyptian getaway or for any holidaymaker who has simply seen enough temples and orange landscapes. If you wish to see the White Desert, you’ll have to do so on a tour due to the area’s protected and restricted access.

    White Desert in Egypt

    Image credit: kuriositas.com

    Siwa Oasis

    If you’re looking for a place of tranquillity in Egypt, the Siwa Oasis doesn’t disappoint. One of the most extraordinary things about the Siwa Oasis are the ruins that stand in the centre of the area. Plus, water springs and date palm plantations make the Siwa Oasis a scenic spot in the Western Desert. But it’s also the isolation of the Siwa Oasis that makes it not only a unique place to visit, but enhances the peaceful and calm nature of it.

    Siwa Oasis

    Image credit: fluentin3months.com

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