• The most overlooked sites in Malta

    The most overlooked sites in Malta

    Looking for a holiday destination which provides beautiful views, a lovely climate, as well as a rich culture and history? Well, Malta should be the next place on your list. There are plenty of things to do in Malta, as a result, some tourist attractions are more popular than others. A trip to Malta will open your eyes to the Mediterranean culture that this island shares. If you’re not keen on visiting the well-known sights in Malta and you’re looking for those that are off-the-beaten-track, so to speak, check out our list of the most overlooked sights in Malta.


    The former capital of Malta, also known as the ‘Silent City’ these days, Mdina can be found in the north of Malta. A visit to Mdina is like stepping into a completely different world. Go back in time as you enter this fortified city which during the medieval times was referred to as the ‘Noble City’. This name came about as many noble families of Malta lived in Mdina. In fact, there are still a few residents of Mdina, who are descendants of the noble families. Explore the fascinating walled city on foot, as you twist and wind down narrow streets.


    The National Aquarium

    Malta’s National Aquarium is located in St Paul’s Bay and is a wonderful family attraction. There are multiple zones in the aquarium for the kids to explore. For some extra added fun, each zone features a different theme, such as, Shipwrecks, the Tropical Ocean and the Grand Harbour. Spend half a day at the aquarium where you can witness unique sealife and even reptiles. The National Aquarium also has daily events to give visitors that extra dose of enjoyment.

    Malta National Aquarium

    Image credit: maltasecrets.com

    Ghadira Bay

    Ghadira Bay is situated in the north of Malta and it is known to be the most popular sandy beach on the island. It’s a great family friendly beach due to its clear and shallow waters. Due to its sandy nature, it’s great for a spot of sunbathing and the shallow sea makes it perfect for a dip in the Mediterranean. The beach is well equipped as there are sun beds and parasols for hire and there are plenty of spots nearby to grab a drink.

    Ghadira Bay

    Image credit: allmaltaonline.com

    St Peter’s Pool

    St Peter’s Pool is often described as a ‘natural swimming pool’ due to its secluded nature, surrounded by flat rocks which can be used as ledges. It’s a popular place for swimmers, those looking to try their hand at snorkelling and thrill-seeking rock jumpers. Situated in Marsaxlokk in the southeast of Malta, St Peter’s pool is the perfect spot for a lovely, adventurous day out.

    St. Peter's Pool

    Image credit: whichbeach.com.mt

    St Paul’s Catacombs

    St Paul’s Catacombs are definitely a sight to see. Located just outside of Mdina, you’ll find Malta’s largest Roman burial chamber. Roman law made a point that the dead could not be buried within the walls of the Mdina, as a result, the catacombs were formed to serve as a place of burial. History buffs would love a visit here as this historic site traces back between the 4th and 9th centuries AD.

    St. Paul's Catacombs

    Image credit: Juan Antonio Segal/flickr

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