• Hidden Gems: Alternative Lanzarote

    Hidden Gems: Alternative Lanzarote

    A striking landscape of volcanic terrain, big blue skies and very little rain, Lanzarote is a real Canarian beauty. While the island has been known as a real haven for sun loungers, there are plenty of unique things to do here that may surprise you. We’ve put together a list to provide you with the ultimate guide to alternative Lanzarote.

    Camel rides

    Camels in Lanzarote

    While you might associate camels with Lanzarote, a camel safari is a great way to experience Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. Fitted with wooden seats, you can ride these wonderful ships of the desert on a gently ambling route across the volcanic terrain of Lanzarote. The journeys usually last around 25 minutes, so it’s a great activity to join as part of a day trip.

    Lava Bubble House

    cesar manrique house

    One of the reasons that Lanzarote still retains an old world charm is due to the lack of high-rise hotels, this is thanks to Caesar Manrique. The artist and architect was a campaigner for preserving architectural tradition, which you can spot across the island. To learn the history of this fascinating man you can visit his home and art gallery, created inside a lava bubble. The incredibly creative use of light, space and natural surroundings easily make this house one of the highlights on the island.

    Explore volcanic Grottos 


    The largest volcanic tunnel in the world, Los Jameos del Agua is truly a magical sight to behold. Containing a stunning natural lake, the tunnel is home to the famous albino crabs which cover the floor of the lake. Vast geological formations span the tunnel’s six kilometres stretch, and you can explore many secret grottos along the route.

    Admire the Salt Plains


    Located in the southwest region of Lanzarote, the Las Salinas de Janubio is one of the most beautiful sights on the island. The multi-coloured salt lakes have been providing the island with salt for over 50 years and offer a truly unique perspective of Lanzarote. You can relax and drink in the view from nearby Restaurante Mirador del Las Salinas, where you can tuck into fresh paella and great local wines.

    The Green Lake

    Lanzarote Green Lake

    El Golfo, or the Green Lake, is a natural attraction completely unique to Lanzarote. Located at the base of a jagged crater edge carved by years of erosion, the emerald green lagoon is an incredible spectacle. The contrasting acid green water and black sand of the beach make this area appear almost otherworldly. The surrounding area is so wild and raw that you may recognise it as the backdrop in the classic Hollywood flick One Million Years B.C. Explore the fantastic shapes and dramatic landscape of this wave battered coastline at your leisure, you won’t be disappointed.

    Whether you want to go albino crab spotting or visit a house made in a lava bubble, there are plenty of things to do in Lanzarote that will surprise you. If you have any favourite spots in Lanzarote you want to share, comment below.

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