• Florida Travel Guide: Part 2 – Getting There

    Florida Travel Guide: Part 2 – Getting There

    After the initial planning stage, next on the agenda is packing.

    Conquering the mountain of what to include can seem daunting at first, so we’ve spoken to The English Mum, Family Adventure Project and TheBabyWebsite, who’ve given us their tops tips on how to make the packing and journey part of your holiday go as smoothly as possible.

    That way, all you’ll have to remember is to have fun!

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    Getting There

    Things to pack:

    Becky from englishmum.com gave us her list of top things to pack:

    • Clothes: The weather in Florida is generally hot and sunny so, shorts and t-shirts are the way forward.  Pack hats with brims and maybe a light jacket in case you get chilly.
    • Sunscreen: Pack lots of sunscreen – at least a bottle per person per week (I like the spray ones which are easy and not too messy).
    • Other items: A good tip is to take some of those plain gift tags with string.
    • Write your contact details on the tag and tie it into the label at the back of the children’s shirts. Disney employees are trained to check in the back of shirts of lost children, but it works in any location! When in the park, water bottles are indispensable (you can refill at the fountains) and bring plenty of wipes for sticky fingers.
    • One great idea if you’re heading to Walt Disney World is to pack an autograph book so that the children can collect autographs from characters once in the Disney Parks. Remember to pack a nice fat pen for the characters to hold.

    Beach writing in Florida

    Kirstie from familyadventureproject.org suggests some things to pack:

    • Travel light at the theme parks if you can. It’s a very long day; particularly if you are staying for the Disney Parade (one of us wore a pedometer and calculated that we took 12,644 steps at Magic Kingdom!).
    • Water rides require a raincoat. You probably don’t want to cart one around, so buy a cheap poncho when you’re there and give it away after. You’ll make someone’s day! Or, if it looks like rain, keep it in your bag for later.

    When travelling with babies, TheBabyWebsite.com says:

    • Pack one nappy for every hour of your journey, plus extras in case of emergencies or delays.
    • Take a spare top for you and one for your baby.

    Travel with young babies

    Keeping the Kids Amused on the Flight

    The englishmum.com says:

    A good way to keep the children amused on the flight to Florida is to pack a few little presents that can be opened at various intervals during the flight, either as rewards for good behaviour or just for surprises when they get a bit bored or fidgety. These can be as simple as a colouring book and some pens, or maybe a small LEGO kit.

    iPads or tablets are great for playing games and watching movies on the flight. They’re often easier than watching the seat back TVs when they’re little as they can perch them on their laps. You can also take some headphones and download some fun children’s songs to listen to on the way.

    Snacks, especially healthy ones, are handy to pack, as often airline snacks tend to be high sugar and salt options. A small cool bag with individually wrapped cheeses, boxes of raisins and some small packs of crackers will work well. Plus, small boxes of cereals are useful too.

    Airport signs

    TheBabyWebsite.com says:

    Take a goodie bag or magic bag with lots of little surprises, but don’t give your little one everything at once. Try to make all their toys and games last as long as possible and always hold something back for dire emergencies. Remember to be relaxed – babies and children sense when mum and dad are stressed; a happy parent usually means a happy baby!

    So, you’ve packed the treats and entertainment for the flights and are almost ready to go… Check out our next instalment of the Florida Travel Guide on the blog tomorrow morning to find out all the essential information you’ll need to know when you’re here! VISIT FLORIDA has also contributed with some great places to see.

    Plus, if you’re interested in entering our Disney DVD competition, share our Florida Travel Guide on Twitter for a chance to win (full T&Cs apply). Good luck!

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