• A Guide to Cheese Tasting in Paris

    A Guide to Cheese Tasting in Paris

    Everyone knows that Paris is the city of cheese, so when you visit, it’s important that you only taste the best. For all the cheese connoisseurs and fromage fanatics, this is the most delicious guide to cheese tasting in Paris.

    Cheese Walking Tours

    Cheese tasting in Paris

    If you camembert to just visit one cheese shop, a walking food tour can provide you with a full day of tasting. The tour group Paris by Mouth offers a mouth-watering English-speaking tour of the city’s foodie spots. Taking place in various locations across Paris, you could see yourself anywhere from the Latin Quarter, Saint-Germain or strolling about in the Marais neighbourhood. Wherever you go, the tour promises artisan cheeses, traditional baguettes, master chocolatiers and – of course – plenty of delicious French wine.

    Cheese Restaurant

    Cheese Tasting Paris

    Yes, you cheddar believe it, a restaurant devoted solely to cheese. L’Affineur Affiné is a fromagerie and restaurant in the heart of Paris that boasts 120 varieties of moreish cheese. This is the perfect place to relax and linger over a bottle of wine while exploring the vast cheese selection. The restaurant serves up sharing plates, which feature a varying selection of homemade cheese and the staff are happy to explain exactly what order to eat them in, and can even suggest a wine pairing. A fun and unpretentious place to devour some fromage, every dish here seems to contain cheese, from the cheese croc monsieur with béchamel sauce to the homemade cheesecake and raspberry sauce.

    Cheese Classes

    Cheese tasting in Paris

    Pens at the ready! This workshop is not for the faint hearted. A class strictly for fromage purists, La Cuisine Paris offer master classes for those that live for cheese. Including a visit to a local fromager (cheese maker), a history lesson on the various production methods and tasting and serving tips, this experience really is the cream cheese of the crop. On this unique course, you’ll taste some of the finest French fromage and accompanying wines, not to mention the freshest baguettes in France!

    Cheese Shop

    Cheese tasting paris

    If there is one place in Paris to stop and buy some cheese to take home, it’s Madame Hisada. This fromage institution is located near the Royal Palace and the Paris opera. The owner, Madame Hisada is surprisingly Japanese, but a renowned master of French cheese nonetheless. At her store in Rue Richelieu, you can either relax in the tasting room upstairs or browse the unrivalled collection to take some home. Cited to have the best tofu in Paris, this is the only place that should brie on your list of cheesy destinations.

    From cheese masterclasses to walking tours, this guide to cheese tasting in Paris will make you feel just grate. If you have any cheesy destinations you’d like to share, feel free to comment below.

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