• 5 things you must do in Kos

    5 things you must do in Kos

    The wonderful island of Kos lies within Greece’s Dodecanese islands and is the third largest one of them. Kos is home to many wonders amongst the Greek Islands, from sandy beaches and Greek and Roman landmarks to being the birthplace of Hippocrates, ‘father of Western medicine’. So, as you can imagine, there is an abundance of things to do on this island. Check out our top five things you must do on a Kos holiday.

    Witness a live volcano

    Ever wondered what it was like to stare directly at a live volcano? Well, wonder no more! When in Kos, you’ll be close to Nissyros island, which is accessible from Kos by boat. On Nissyros you can see the extravagance of a live volcano, although it has been inactive for a very long time, 16,000 years to be precise. So it is considered to be quite safe. This volcano offers fascinating views and gives you the chance to walk around the crater floor where you can feel the inner workings of it under the ground.

    Horseriding at sunset

    Horse riding on Kos

    Kos is known for its sandy beaches and they’re not just for sunbathing and swimming in the sea. A very fun and popular activity is to horse ride on a picturesque beach during sun down. There are many horse riding excursions on the island, so why not take the opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do (or never thought about doing?)? Along with an instructor, you can have the confidence to horse ride and experience the beauty of Kos on horseback.

    Experience Greek mythology

    The island of Kos is rich in Greek mythology and folklore and is at the centre of many myths and ancient stories. The island is the birthplace of Hippocrates, who is known as the ‘father of Western medicine’. A very popular tourist destination in Kos is the Castle of the Knights of Saint John. This is mainly due to its proximity to the Tree of Hippocrates. The tree is said to be a descendant of the very tree under which Hippocrates taught his students the arts of medicine. As a result, the tree is an icon in Kos and a symbol of academia.

    Cycling to wonderful views

    Kos sunset

    Kos is a cyclist’s dream, providing great bike trails and flat terrain. You can cycle along the most scenic roads to uncover some really amazing sites and views on Kos. It’s a great day time activity and a great way to explore the island. If you need some inspiration on where in Kos you should ride your bike, it’s not hard to find guided bike tours. Plus, there’s a selection of different bike rides to experience, from sunset and sunrise bike rides to mountain trails.

    Visit quaint Kos villages

    As you can imagine, Kos has many charming villages which are dotted around its coastline. Therefore, a Kos holiday is not complete without a visit to one or more of these villages. They offer the perfect dose of Kos culture you could possibly ask for during your Kos holiday. The island’s capital, Kos Town is a wonderful day out as it is the main port area. The town is also surrounded by healthy vegetation, reminiscent of the countryside.

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