• 5 places every thrill-seeker should add to their bucket list

    5 places every thrill-seeker should add to their bucket list

    We all know that one person who will do something crazy, anywhere, any time. Well, if you know any thrill-seekers or if you happen to be one, no doubt they’ve or you’ve been looking for the next adrenaline packed activity to take part in. What’s more, an exotic setting will make it even better. There are many fantastic activities to have a go at around the world. So, if you’re looking for something new to try, somewhere different, check out these 10 places every thrill-seeker should add to their bucket list.


    Believe it or not, Dubai isn’t just full of tall skyscrapers that you can look at. You can actually gain some height too if you really want to. Dubai is full of activities suited to those looking for an adrenaline rush, from sky diving over The Palm which offers incredible views. Ride the zip line through the Dubai Fountains or dive with sharks in Dubai Mall. Yep, you can jump in the deep end and come face to face with sharks at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.
    Zip Wire Dubai

    Las Vegas

    Gambling isn’t the only thrill that Las Vegas has to offer those that visit this American city. There are plenty of other activities to jump into (or jump off should we say). The SkyJump is one of the top thrill-seeker attractions in Las Vegas. Ride to the top of the Stratosphere tower and SkyJump off the top of it. Or head over to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you can get behind the wheel for the ride of your life.
    Las Vegas Motor sport


    Head towards the south of the USA and you’ll find yourself in Florida, another thrill-seekers paradise. Here, you’ll find many activities to get stuck into. First and foremost, would have to be diving into the Devil’s Eye. As scary as it sounds, it’s a fascinating experience. This opening where the Devil Spring joins the Santa Fe River allows you to discover the underwater caves. If that sounds too frightening, why not zip line over a Florida preserve instead? Or take up some water sports for a more calming adventure!
    Florida Devil's Eye


    Mexico is often known as a relaxing holiday destination, with many tourists choosing to stroll along the golden beaches and splash around in the blue seas. However, there are opportunities for those seeking excitement. Come face-to-face with great white sharks or turtles, go rock climbing and abseiling down Portrero Chico canyon or go mountain biking in Monterrey. Not forgetting to mention that cliff diving in Acapulco is one of the most popular thrill-seeker activities in Mexico.


    What about white water rafting? The Brahmaputra River in India is said to be one of the best places to do it. There are a variety of rapids from the basic level 1 rapids to the more dangerous level 5’s and 6’s, perfect for more experienced rafters. Soak up the surrounding sights (if you can) of the remote settlements and thick forestland. Aside from that, there are many spots across India which offer activities like paragliding, mountainous treks and scuba diving.
    White water rafting

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