• 10 unmissable things to see in Cuba

    10 unmissable things to see in Cuba

    Cuba sits near the top of the list as one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean. Thanks to its rich history and culture, the biggest island in the Caribbean attracts an abundance of tourists every year. A visit to Cuba never fails to fascinate and that is due to the fantastic sites that are on offer. Golden sand beaches are a wonderful place to relax, but there is so much more to Cuba than meets the eye. Traces of the island’s past can be found throughout its towns and cities as you find your way navigating through cobbled streets in Trinidad and following the bright coloured buildings in Havana. The atmosphere is truly incredible, so if you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean island anytime soon, here are 10 unmissable things to see in Cuba.

    1. The Malecón at night

    Looking for a lively night out in Cuba? Well, this is where you’re going to find it. The Malecón is Cuba’s very own nightlife strip which runs for an amazing 5 miles along Havana’s coastline. At night, you’ll find loads of locals and visitors hanging out at street vendors, listening to live music and drinking rum. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sound of the waves rolling in as you enjoy the Cuban nightlife.

    2. Live music

    Mentioned before, live music is a huge part of Cuban culture and it is very easy to find whilst on your journeys. There are loads of venues in Cuba which host live performers and it is an experience you can’t miss! Head to the famous La Zorra y El Cuervo and listen to some jazz. But there are other music styles on offer too like son, trova and danzón.

    3. Salsa at 1830

    What goes hand in hand with music? Dance. Cuba is home to both art types to complement each other. Even if you don’t want to give salsa a go, it is without a doubt something you should at least see whilst on your Cuba holiday. 1830 is a local outdoor club which hosts salsa dancing in the evenings, allowing you to sit and watch the show, or get up yourself and learn the moves.

    4. Plaza Vieja

    Havana’s ‘Old Plaza’ is a grand hub of Cuban culture. You’ll find so much to explore here, from pastel coloured buildings to little outdoor cafes which are the perfect spot to sit and refuel. Once you’re ready to go again check out the art galleries and the beer museum.

    5. Baracoa

    Baracoa sits on the south eastern side of the island in the Guantanamo Province. The best way to get there from Havana is to take a bus. Baracoa is known for its chocolate and cacao, so with a visit here, it is definitely worth checking out the produce. Then, take in the amazing views from the top of El Yunque, overlooking the Bay of Baracoa.

    Varadero Cuba

    6. Varadero

    Varadero is a well-known resort town in Cuba, attracting a huge number of tourists to the island’s coastline. There are a number of beaches to choose from, such as isolated stretches of coastline and areas which are more frequented.

    7. Trinidad

    This beach town located in the south of Cuba is simply wonderful to see. The architecture is stunning and can be seen throughout Trinidad. Plaza Mayor is full of neo-Baroque buildings and lovely little shops which sell handcraft gifts and souvenirs. Make sure you check out the Museo Romantico in the Palacio Brunet Mansion which is home to a vast collection of art work from the 19th century.

    8. Museo de la Revolución

    One of the most famed attractions in Cuba is the Museo de la Revolución. Exhibiting the historical event of Cuba’s revolution, the story of Fidel Castro and Cuba’s captivating past, it is definitely worth a visit. The museum is extravagant even on the outside as it is housed in a former palace.

    9. Gran Teatro de La Habana

    The National Theatre was built in 1838 and is now the base of the Cuban National Ballet. If you’re staying in Cuba during the island’s annual ballet festival, that’s a plus as you can go and see one of the famous ballet shows. If not, it is still worth seeing one of the dance shows the theatre has to offer regardless.

    10. El Morro

    This fortress was used in the 16th century, not only as a watch point but also as a prison. Nowadays, it serves as the perfect location to watch the Atlantic Ocean roll in as the sun sets. Every night, there is a traditional canon which is fired at 9pm.

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