• The weirdest food you could eat in India

    The weirdest food you could eat in India

    It’s not hard to find some weird and wonderful things when travelling abroad. That includes the cuisine in many places. India is one of the many places that continues to amaze visitors in more ways than one. It’s often known for its tantalising curries and fiery spices, yet there is so much more to this Asian country’s palate. In fact, there are some crazy and strange things to try during a holiday in India. So, if you class yourself as an adventurous traveller and you’re up for trying something new, check out some of the weirdest food you could eat in India!

    Goan baby shark curry

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    Baby shark curry

    This dish is mainly popularised along India’s coastal state of Goa. If you’ve visited Goa before, you may have come across the sight of baby sharks in the sea. However, Goa is also well-known for its sea food delicacies, so the baby shark has also become a popular dish too. Baby sharks are considered a big catch due to the difficulty fishermen have in finding them due to their size. They’re then curried and cooked with a range of flavours and sauces, creating a coastal favourite.

    Indian frog legs

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    Frog legs

    Now, this is something that may be synonymous with French cuisine. But, you can definitely find frog legs ready to eat in India too. This is widely popular in Sikkim within the Lepcha community, mainly because it is believed that frog legs have medicinal properties. Specifically, in relation to stomach illnesses. So, it must be worth a taste, right?!


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    India is the home of chutney, which usually accompanies dishes as a side sauce or garnish. You might be used to the usual mango chutney, coconut chutney or even mint dips. However, one of the weirdest you might find is Chaprah. Widely eaten among those of the Chattisgarh tribe, Chaprah consists of red ants along with their eggs. In order to prepare this, red ants are first dried before being mixed up with a selection of spices. Then, they’re grinded up and ready to be served.

    Eri Polu

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    Eri Polu

    Now, this dish is like something out of a bush tucker challenge! In fact, Eri Polu is a silkworm. A common dish in Assam, Eri Polu has also gained popularity in other Indian states. Firstly, silk is extracted out of the cocoon by being boiled. Essentially, what you’re left with is the silkworm, otherwise known as the pupa. Finally, the silkworm is then seasoned with various herbs and spices before being smoked in bamboo shoots. The end result? A spicy delicacy which is tender and also believed to be very nutritious.

    Forbidden rice

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    Black Rice

    Also known as forbidden rice, it probably isn’t as weird as the aforementioned foods. But, it’s still quite unusual, especially if you’re used to white or brown rice. Black rice is mainly common in the north east of India and is said to be a great health aid. What’s so weird about black rice you ask? Well, quite simply, its colour. When the rice is first harvested, it gleams a deep black colour. However, after it is cooked, it turns to purple. Black rice will usually be served up as a side to most main dishes and has a unique earthy taste.

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