• Exploring foodie heaven in Turkey

    Exploring foodie heaven in Turkey

    Tasting different foods when abroad is a great way to explore the country’s culture. Turkey has a flourishing food scene which has a wide variety for food lovers. Turkey has many influences when it comes to their traditional cuisine. With Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Balkan influences, Turkish cuisine is a fusion of tastes. From healthy veggies to tenderly cooked meats, there are plenty of surprises in store for your taste buds.

    Turkish breakfast and soups

    Soups and Turkish breakfast

    Most Turkish meals will start off with a light soup, which they call çorba. There are a variety of soups which usually focus on one main ingredient and this is essentially what each type of soup would be named after. Turkish soups may consist of lentils, wheat or yoghurt. These soups used to be the traditional version of Turkish breakfast before the concept became more popular. Now, Turkish breakfast consists of things like cheese, Turkish sausage (sucuk), eggs, tomatoes, jam, honey, cucumbers and so much more. Menemen is another Turkish breakfast dish which consists of a healthy selection of tomatoes, eggs, peppers and onions, cooked in olive oil.

    Turkish tea

    A trip to Turkey would not be fulfilled without a taste of the traditional Turkish tea. This is usually drank in the morning for breakfast, but can be drunk at any time of the day. The majority of the tea produce in Turkey comes out of the Rize Province which rests along the Black Sea coast. Turkish tea will usually be served in a small glass which is to be held along the rim, as the tea is served really hot.

    Turkish kebab


    Kebabs are a big hit in Turkey and we’re not just talking about doner kebabs (which are a popular street food). Meat skewers are popular too and there is a huge variety on offer. There is a selection of meat to choose from, although lamb skewers seem to be the main choice for many. As well as meat, the skewers are filled with delicious vegetables and other foods like tomatoes, peppers, aubergine and potatoes. This can be served with different sides, with flatbread being a top choice.


    When it is time for dessert, baklava is a traditional choice. This sweet pastry is made up of layers of filo, which is a type of dough used in pastries. These layers are then filled up with nuts and then sweetened with syrup or honey, which also holds the pastry together. Gaziantep in Turkey is a huge producer of pistachio nuts within the country and these are used in the traditional baklava dish.

    Sounds delicious? Why not book your next Turkey holiday and sample all of this foodie goodness for yourself (as soon as possible too)?!


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