• Exploring foodie heaven in Morocco

    Exploring foodie heaven in Morocco

    For some travellers, the true exploration of a country is through its traditional flavours and foods. What better way to discover a country’s culture than through your taste buds? The north African country of Morocco is the perfect place to taste new dishes due to their classic flavours and use of colourful spices. If you’re a foodie and Morocco sounds good to you, check out the wonderful foods you can discover with a visit to this fascinating country.

    Morocco spices

    Spices and flavours

    Colour, spices and flavours are a true representation of Morocco and this is so often seen in their traditional dishes. Taste anything from saffron and turmeric to paprika and cinnamon in popular dishes whilst you’re here. You can best bear witness to this vibrant infusion walking around Morocco’s food souqs. Due to Morocco’s location, you’ll find a blend of African, Islamic and Mediterranean influences within their food. You may recognise a tagine as being a significant symbol in any Moroccan kitchen. This baking dish with a pointed lid serves as the starting point for many Moroccan dishes. Meat and fresh vegetables are usually put inside, along with fragrant spices. The tagine is then heated in order to cook its contents. Tagines are usually served with freshly baked bread or even another local hit – couscous. Vegetable salads are also another popular side, which consist of grated carrots, sliced oranges, eggplants, tomatoes and cucumbers. A lot of the dishes in Morocco will use olive oil and cumin when cooking. Street food vendors will marinade their meat with coriander, garlic and lemon as well as other spices too.

    Morocco seafood

    Fresh seafood

    Morocco’s close proximity to the sea means they serve a lot of sea food. You may even see a lot of fishermen if you’re out and about early in the morning, where they are able to catch tuna, sardines and bonito. This is typical in Essaouira, Morocco’s port city. A lot of this fish is marinated with spices and roasted over coal or even cooked in the traditional tagine. Oysters are also a great treat in Morocco, particularly in Oualidia where there is a sheltered lagoon that produces these huge oysters. Once again, you will find many food vendors that will grill them over hot coals.

    Mint tea

    A trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without a sip of some mint tea. This is served throughout the day in the country, particularly during meal times. Mint tea is a symbol of hospitality in Morocco and is usually served in many places whether it be hotels, homes or shops. It is a very cooling drink, which is always helpful in the Moroccan heat.

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