• Exploring foodie heaven in Dubai

    Exploring foodie heaven in Dubai

    When you first think about cities with a strong food culture, you may not think about Dubai to begin with. But everything is bigger and better in the Emirati city and this includes its local cuisine. There has been a large amount of new restaurant openings across Dubai specialising in a wide range of Emirati foods. So, if you’re looking for an exciting addition of foodie culture to explore, Dubai is definitely your go-to city. From unusual dishes to local favourites, you’ll find something tasty and delicious to tickle your taste buds.


    Margoogat is a tasty stew with a tomato base, cooked together with herbs such as cumin, turmeric and a local masala-like mixture. Different restaurants and their chefs have particular takes on the dish. Some combining it with chicken, others with lamb. It is then mixed with potato and baby marrow. It is said that the margoogat at Aseelah in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai is a lovely version to try.

    Camel burger


    Yep, you read that right. Camel meat and milk are fast becoming a big hit in Dubai, with restaurants creating many dishes which consist of this healthier alternative. There are now restaurants in Dubai which include camel burgers, stews, stir frys and even camel biryani on their menus. On the other hand, camel milk is also known to have a lot of health benefits, full of protein, vitamin C, iron and low in cholesterol. There are also other options to try camel milk – through ice cream for example! What better way to cool down in Dubai than with a cone of camel milk ice cream? With a selection of exciting flavours to choose from, try the pistachio one or even better, the date flavour.


    If you fancy a nice little treat with your morning coffee, luqaimat is a great choice. Fantastic for dessert, luqaimat is made out of fried dough which has a lovely crunch on the outside and is nice and soft on the inside. They will often come served with a date syrup and topped with sesame seeds. Due to its great taste and also its ease to make, it is a big hit during Iftar during Ramadan.

    Arabic Coffee

    Image credit: Krista/Flickr

    Arabic coffee

    Arabic coffee is a popular drink whilst enjoying a snack or after a big meal. You’ll find that most places like hotels, restaurants or cafes will serve Arabic coffee, so there’s hardly a better place than Dubai to have a taste. Dates are a popular snack in Dubai, as a result some places often serve their coffee with a portion of local dates to compliment the strong blend of coffee. Arabic coffee in Dubai is made with roasted beans and often has spices like cardamom and saffron mixed in with it. This coffee is so popular in Dubai that there is a coffee museum. Home to a wide range of coffees from different parts of the world, taste these different variations as you continue to learn more about Arabic coffee.



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