• Exploring foodie heaven in the Dominican Republic

    Exploring foodie heaven in the Dominican Republic

    The Dominican Republic is well known for many things such as, luxurious resorts, lovely sandy beaches and glamourous golf courses. In addition to this, the Dominican Republic is also known for its lively culture with an emphasis on art forms like music and dance. However, their cuisine shouldn’t be overlooked. The Dominican Republic is a melting pot of cultures and influences, as a result, this is reflected in their national dishes and cuisine. If the popular Caribbean destination is on your list of places to go, make sure you explore foodie heaven whilst out there. But, before… explore it with us!


    Let’s start off with something which makes a great starter. Pastelitos resemble an empanada or even a Jamaican patty and they are similar in concept yet smaller. They are a small pastry which are stuffed with various fillings. Some of the most popular fillings include meat, cheese or vegetables. Dominican’s don’t use a whole lot of spice in their pastelitos, meaning you can truly appreciate the flavours that are at work in these golden treats. Pastelitos make for a nice little snack or something to quench your hunger whilst you’re waiting for your main. Either way, it’s easy to get through a couple of these, so why not try a variety of fillings while you’re at it!
    Brugal rum


    This dish is one which sums up the Dominican Republic, a mixture of foods as well as a blend of flavours. Lorico is similar to other dishes which are traditional to other Caribbean islands, however, lorico remains a strong introduction to Dominican cuisine. Lorico is a combination of meat and rice, mainly chicken is used which is stewed in a tasty sauce. The rice is then added to the chicken which altogether creates a plate of delightful Dominican comfort.


    Yet another meat dish (the principal to many dishes in the Dominican Republic), it is a tasty delicacy which consists of goat meat. The goat meat is cut up and then stewed until it’s tender and full of flavour. It’s definitely a favourite amongst many in the Dominican Republic, so it’s worth a taste during your Caribbean holiday.


    Rum is produced in the Dominican Republic and as a result, it is a very popular drink in the country, as well as the Caribbean as a whole. Brugal is a popular brand of rum in the Dominican Republic which happens to also be produced in the country, along with Barceló and Bermúdez. Altogether these rum brands are known as the 3 B’s. One of the most common ways to serve rum is with cola and ice, which is regularly known as a ‘cuba libre’ or served by itself.

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