• Exploring foodie heaven at the Christmas markets

    Exploring foodie heaven at the Christmas markets

    Every foodie loves a trip which broadens their taste buds and opens up a world of new flavours. With December fast approaching, you’ll no doubt be turning your attention to some more festive treats. Where else is better to have a go at sampling tasty delicacies than at some of Europe’s best Christmas markets? Not only will you have a great time wandering around, soaking up the joyful Christmassy atmosphere. But, with loads of stalls dotted about, you can’t escape the aromas of festive favourites. Take a look at some of our top Christmas market foods for a true taste of Crimbo foodie heaven.


    You can’t visit a German market without having a bratwurst. Whether you head to the markets in Berlin or visit a UK Christmas market, there are tons of stalls selling their very best grilled sausages. What’s more, it’s the perfect treat to warm you up on a cold winter’s evening. Have one with bread, like a hot dog. Or try the German’s famous currywurst dish which features chopped up bratwurst served with a unique curry sauce. Perhaps, you’d like one with a side of chips? Either way, bratwurst is a tasty, versatile Christmas market favourite!

    German Christmas markets serving bratwurst

    Mulled wine

    Keeping warm at the Christmas markets doesn’t have to be a problem. Especially when there’s plenty of mulled wine to go around! Typical in German and Austrian markets, you can be quenching your thirst with this Christmas delight at top markets in Munich, Vienna or even Budapest. Mulled wine is usually infused with spices and even hints of fruit. Try cinnamon infused mulled wine for a true festive taste. If you’d love to sample some, there’s no need to mull over it for too long! With non-alcoholic and alcoholic options, there’s a wide variety for everyone to enjoy.

    Mulled wine at Munich Christmas market

    Photo credit: travelsignposts.com


    Defeat your sugar urges with a chocolaty, sweet, warm waffle at the Christmas markets. These will be a great hit in Belgium, so try out the markets in Brussels or Bruges to give into your cravings. Choose from a wide range of toppings to complete your Christmas desert. Succulent strawberries, creamy melted chocolate and tasty cinnamon sprinkles… the choices are endless, and did we mention super indulgent!?

    waffles in Belgium


    Gingerbread is synonymous with Christmas markets. In fact, it’s such a typical Christmas treat, that it would be bizarre if Christmas markets weren’t full of them! Colourful gingerbread houses are simply brilliant finds around the markets. Not only are they great to look at, but you’ll want to dig into one too. Gingerbread also makes a fantastic stocking filler. It’s small and it keeps fresh, making it easy enough to carry home. On top of that, some markets will even customise your treat with icing.

    Gingerbread in Hamburg Christmas market

    Photo credit: geekyexplorer.com

    Roasted chestnuts

    You know it’s Christmas when the chestnuts are roasting. A big hit at many Christmas markets around the world, it’s only right that you complete your trip with a bag of roasted chestnuts. You’ll no doubt be able to smell your way to the chestnuts, thanks to their distinctive aroma. They’re just what you need to warm up and get into the festive spirit.

    Roasted chestnuts on the fire

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