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    13 types of people you meet at the airport

    13 types of people you meet at the airport

    Airports… they’re like another home to us! Especially, for those who spend most of their time travelling about. Just like anywhere else, we come across loads of different characters whilst in the airport. In fact, they’re so recognisable, you’ll know who we mean!

    The queue pusher

    There’s always a queue for something at the airport, so you’re bound to come across this person more than once. Let’s say for instance you’re queuing up to check your bags in, there’s always that one person who’s right behind you, on the tip of your heels… waiting for your next move forward…

    You got to back up a little bit

    The fussy check in assistant

    Nowadays, machines seem to be taking over the typical airport jobs. But, once in a while you may still come across a human check in assistant. A lot of them are nice, friendly and happy to help. Every so often though, there is that one assistant who doesn’t mind being slightly rude, unapproachable and looks like they’d rather not be there.

    reaction to check in assistant

    The one who doesn’t know what they’re doing

    With all this new technology at the airport, it can be quite distressing for some. Especially when it comes to the ePassport gates. The one who doesn’t know what they’re doing find themselves trapped in this glass box completely clueless. First, they’re just staring at the camera without presenting their passport. Next, they’re scanning their passport but the wrong way round. Then, they give up altogether and scour the crowds for some professional help. There’s always that one person who needs a bit of assistance.

    Perhaps I could be of some assistance

    The know-it-all traveller

    We all know that you have to put your liquids in a clear plastic bag, take off certain items of clothing and take your laptops out of your baggage. But, the know-it-all knows all of this already, as a result they do everything they need to do before they even reach the trays.


    The stern airport security guard

    This one rarely smiles, doesn’t want to say anything to you other than ‘next’ or ‘take your shoes off’, all whilst their eyes scan everyone over just like their machines do.

    Stanley eye roll from the office

    The sleeper

    Right, now you’ve made it through security and into the lounge area. There’s plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you satisfied. But there’s always that one traveller who prefers a bit of a nap before boarding their plane. You can usually spot them propped up in a seat, with their arms crossed, eyes closed and possibly with a travel pillow around their neck!

    I take a nap right here

    The anxious screen glarer

    On the other hand, someone else will be quite happy to stand up, staring at the departures screen for seconds…. Minutes…. Hours…. Until their gate number pops up.

    Raven chewing and staring

    The one keeping stock

    We can’t forget the person who gets their shopping done once they’ve reached duty free. Mini toiletries? A book? A bottle of water? Check, check and check, we know who you are!

    Guy stocking up at supermarket

    The excited tourists

    Heading off on a holiday to see the sights? These happy-go-lucky travellers might have a summer hat on and a camera around their neck, making sure to take snaps as they go. They might be a tad noisy too.

    happy tourist

    The loved-up couple

    They’re probably going away to somewhere romantic. Rome? Paris? Or perhaps on a beach getaway to Mexico or the Caribbean. There’s loads of PDA going on… you wouldn’t be surprised if they missed their flight.


    The frantic mother

    This mum has got three kids with her and they’re all running around excited for their holiday. She really wishes they would just sit down and play quietly so she could stop shouting at them.


    The runner

    The gate number has popped up and you simply can’t wait…. At least running will cut down the journey time to the gate! Or perhaps, you’re a person who waits until the last minute. Did you hear the last call for your flight? Now, you’re up and running!

    Spongebob running

    The one who loves a queue

    You’ve made it to the gate lounge and even though the plane isn’t even close to its boarding time, someone has started the infamous queue and more and more people are flocking to line up. Even the airport assistants are asking them to sit back down.

    The Simpsons waiting

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