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    5 unmissable things to do in Corfu

    5 unmissable things to do in Corfu

    You’ve visited the old town, you’ve done the hiking and a fair bit of sightseeing & sunbathing, so what’s next? It’s time you tried the 5 unmissable things to do in Corfu. The things that make all the difference and turn your regular beach holiday into a holiday to fall in love with…

    Get to know the locals…by trying the local drinks

    The best way to truly get to know a local culture is arguably through its drinks. So have a sip of the island’s very own ginger beer, or better yet – the kumquat liqueur.

    A popular soft drink on the island, Corfu’s ginger beer is a deliciously refreshing beverage served foamy and ice cold. Here it’s traditionally a mixture of fresh zingy lemons, water, sugar and, naturally, ginger.

    Kumquat, 5 unmissable things to try in Corfu

    Candied kumquat

    But then, there is the kumquat liqueur that is the star of the show. Originally brought here from China in the 1860s, the kumquat (or the Golden Fruit) is now a quintessential fruit for the island, used for desserts and drinks alike – in fact, today you’ll see a kumquat tree in almost every garden. Best enjoyed? In a cocktail.

    …and have some food with your drink

    You obviously need to eat something here as well. Greek food is already very popular worldwide and if that’s what you’re after, you can rest assured that you’ll get your fair share of tzatziki and souvlaki during your stay in Corfu. However, you can delve even deeper into the local lifestyle by sampling one of the island’s very own specialities.

    Top 5 things to do in Corfu

    Corfu Town. Photo credit: Vessy Aleksieva, V.A. Photography

    Pastitsatha is one of the famous Corfiot meals – a spicy chicken casserole dish served with pasta. Definitely put it on your list when visiting the island!

    But do not miss on the fresh seafood either. If you’ll try one thing only make it the bourthetto – a local fish stew that usually uses scorpion fish cooked in garlic, paprika and cayenne, resulting in a fiery sauce that you’ll love if you like your dishes spicy.

    One more for that food list, the bourou-bourou is a traditional soup that consists of vegetables and pasta – so simple, so filling.


    If you’re adventurous but you think Corfu is just another calm Greek island ideal for chilling out then you’re in for a treat. Basically, you’re bound to fall in love with Corfu once you dive into its stunning turquoise waters. The most gorgeous diving spots here are around Paleokastrítsa, Othoní and Paxí islets, while the northeast coast is pretty stunning as a whole. The crystal clear waters here boast great visibility on most days but that’s not all – the water temperatures reach a maximum of 24° in summer. Balmy and gorgeous!

    5 unmissable things in Corfu

    Photo credit: Vessy Aleksieva, V.A Photography

    Take a snap on the Liston promenade

    Make those Instagram snaps count and have a walk along the Liston promenade in Corfu Town. It’s here where you’ll also notice some strong French influence in the architecture (don’t forget Corfu was once part of Napoleon’s French Empire).  The street design was inspired by Rue de Rivoli in Paris and is truly one of the most beautiful places on the island.

    The Liston Promenade, 5 unmissable things in Corfu

    Liston promenade. Photo credit: Vessy Aleksieva, V.A. Photography

    The arcade is an ideal place for a long day of people-watching, soaking up the sunrays and taking gorgeous holiday photos. Truth is, the promenade was once only open for the aristocracy, while today it’s full of lively cafes and open to everyone. An experience you surely deserve to indulge in…

    Finally, for gorgeous views: the Palace of Achilleion

    The Palace of Achilleion, 5 unmissable things in Corfu

    The Achilleion Palace

    Finally, visit the palace located in Achilleion. It used to be a summer home for the famous Empress Sissi in the past and makes for a lovely day trip for you today! However, what makes the place even more unmissable is its situation on the top of a mountain. Come here and savour the sublime views of the gorgeous sea on one side and the lush mountains on the other! Corfu at its very best.

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