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"Whether you’re looking for a luxury holiday spent shopping and making the most of the many attractions or something more relaxing, a holiday to the USA has everything you’re looking for"

Ultimate Diversity in the USA

Discover the diversity of one of the world’s leading countries with loveholidays today, and enjoy US holidays that you’ll cherish for years to come. The USA has something to suit every kind of traveller – from the buzzing nightlife of New York City to the laid-back glamour of California, the USA is sure to set your holiday dreams alight. A multi-cultural country with a melting pot of sights, sounds and tastes makes holidays in the USA an absolute must. Take your pick from a huge choice of city and rural locations – from Chicago and San Francisco to the beaches of Florida and California, there’s something for everyone. Whether you are a city lover, a country bumpkin, beach babe or someone looking for that classic golf break, the majestic USA is full of places that will leave your jaw dropped around every turn.

American Accommodation

Made up of 50 diverse and thrilling states, no two holidays to the US will ever be the same. New York City often tops many people’s must visit lists, and it’s no wonder with its majestic skyline, gorgeous parks and irresistible atmosphere. The City that Never Sleeps is one of the world’s most bustling and modern destinations with plenty to offer the avid city goer. Full of museums, parks, clubs, bars, shopping opportunities and the world’s most desirable restaurants, New York is the ultimate American city destination. California is a diverse state in itself. From the glamour of Hollywood to the impressive Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and some truly breathtaking beaches, California has got something for everyone. From 5-star USA hotels that ooze style and sophistication to wallet-friendly comfort, your holiday needs will most certainly be covered here. To test how lucky you really are, can you think of anything better than Las Vegas? Get lost in the bright lights of this vibrant city – there’s really nowhere quite like it anywhere else on the planet.

Spoilt for Choice in the States

USA holidays, as we’ve already professed, are ideal for all types of jetsetters. Boasting a vast range of cultures, traditions and scenery, it is sure to have your eyes popping at every corner. Those who enjoy scenery should visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which can be enjoyed by chartered helicopter. Talk about phenomenal views – these will truly leave you speechless. The relaxing Yellowstone Park in Wyoming is a great place to unwind and marvel at the diverse range of wildlife which inhabit the area, which include grizzly bears. Sun worshippers should head to Florida on the East Coast or California on the West Coast, where there is no shortage of stunning beaches and warm waters to cool down in. Temperatures in America are as diverse as the landscapes that make it. From the cooler lows of Alaska to the scorching highs of Nevada, what you pack in your suitcase is entirely dependent on where in this vast country you visit. The seasons of America reflect ours – so, summer during the months of June-September, winter between November-February and the rest in between. However, they do weather a lot better than us – expect hotter summers and, in certain places, much colder winters.

Highlights of the USA

The USA is full of highlights and unique places of interest which are well worth a visit. The iconic Statue of Liberty in the Big Apple is a must see for those who want to get a closer look at one of America’s most world-renowned monuments. Head south to Washington DC which is home to a few recognisable structures of its own – anyone up for a visit to the White House? Sporting opportunities are in abundance in America. The beaches of California are a particular highlight, and they regularly play host to swimmers, surfers and sailors. The ski slopes of Colorado, meanwhile, are an ideal choice for lovers of winter sports, so no matter if you want to ‘shoop shoop’ on your skis or race down the slopes on a snowboard, there’s no better place to do it. America also has a wide choice of cities for those who want to shop ‘til they drop. New York is the home of Macy’s and Bloomingdales, which are famous for their designer labels and great value prices. Elsewhere, you’ll be greeted with many a mall, plenty of outlet centres and unique boutiques. Whatever your tastes, holidays in the US are not going to leave you disappointed.