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"Offering sandy beaches, quaint luscious countryside, and bustling cities that are world centres for art and culture, Tuscany has become one of the most beloved destinations in the world"

Tempting Tuscany

There is perhaps no better word to describe holidays to Tuscany other than exquisite; the food, views, art and wine are all world class and will never disappoint. It could only be in Italy where such a vast array of specialities from art to wine-producing could come together in what is one of the most elegant countries in the world, but Tuscany does this effortlessly. From the magical Siena Cathedral to meeting Michelangelo’s David in person, you will find that the region of Tuscany presents some of the most intriguing examples of architecture and art there is. World-famous sculptures, paintings and buildings are commonplace throughout the towns and cities, although there’s plenty aside from the intriguing monuments, too.

Splendid scenery

There are a great number of ways to take in the scenic views inherent on Tuscany holidays, and from guided tours to hot air balloons, you really will have a diverse selection from which to pick what suits you best. Tuscany Ballooning provides an unforgettable experience as well as one of the best ways to really take everything in. For something a little more down to Earth however, Tuscany Scooter Rental offers a fun way to get around, although Very Tuscany in Arezzo will ensure you see a mixture of attractions all within one day.

Go truffle hunting in San Miniato or sunbathe on the beaches of the Tuscan Coast, scuba dive from Porto Azzuro or ride horses through stunning scenes in Lucca; there’s a huge amount to tempt you when looking to enjoy holidays in Tuscany. Whether you’d prefer to stay active with the range of outdoor activities on offer or would rather relax amid a huge array of museums and cathedrals, Italy will suit you well with an all-round holiday experience. If you are hoping to visit a museum or two then Florence may be your best bet. Academia Gallery is where you’ll find Michelangelo’s David and a host of other sculptures and artistic pieces, although ensure you check out tickets or book in advance to be sure of a place among them. The Bargello Museum is another intriguing stop off many should make – the structure based in Palazzo del Bargello and not nearly as busy as some of the more popular museums you’ll find on Tuscany holidays.