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Top Trinidad and Tobago Hotels

Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort
Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort

Crown Point, Tobago

from £797pp
Magdalena Grand Beach Resort
Magdalena Grand Beach Resort

Lowlands Plantation Estate, Tobago

from £945pp
Coco Reef Resort & Spa
Coco Reef Resort & Spa

Crown Point, Tobago

from £1260pp

Deep within the Caribbean, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer the very essence of paradise living. From the serene stretches of sand on Tobago to the more lively shores of Trinidad, there’s an exotic holiday for everyone here.

Conjure up the image of pristine beaches and throw in sapphire blue waters and you’ve got yourself the reality of Trinidad and Tobago holidays. Palm fringed shorelines encircle these islands and the colour and charm of the locals spread through its very core. With a wealth of marine life swimming above over 300 different types of coral waiting to be discovered below the water’s edge, and dense forestry welcoming you in the heart of the islands, the beauty of these Caribbean perfections doesn’t end at its beaches.


Discover these gems in the heart of the Caribbean with For a fantastic selection of Trinidad and Tobago holidays, look no further than the range of great deals we’ve listed below. To find out more about the islands themselves, scroll to the bottom of the page and keep on reading.


Visit Tobago

Tobago, as the more tranquil island, holds that relaxed Caribbean charm deeper in its roots. With the Western Hemisphere’s oldest nature reserve on its shores, a range of tranquil bays around its coastline and a wealth of underwater life waiting to be explored, it has everything a Caribbean holiday should have.

Things to do

Trinidad and Tobago holidays aren’t complete without exploring the local culture. Discover Bacolet Bay, found in the south of Tobago. This 150 metre long bay is small in size but big in beauty. With waves perfect for body boarders and the finest of golden sands, it’s a great place to let all the stresses of everyday life simply fade away. Additionally, with the island’s capital of Scarborough just down the road, you’ll find yourself in a prime location for a beach break that’s interspersed with a thriving atmosphere and plenty of cultural and historical attractions.

Places to visit

Alternatively, head to Stonehaven Bay where you might just be lucky enough to spot the endangered Leatherback turtles nesting. As one of the few beaches that these majestic creatures use to lay their eggs, you’ll be placed in a great spot to witness one of the world’s most beautiful moments.

Holidays to Trinidad and Tobago are perfect for anyone looking for a slice of Caribbean flair, while is the ideal choice to help get you there. What a great match!