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"The ancient ruins, temples, jungles, wild countryside, beaches and tropical islands of this breathtakingly beautiful country really do have to be seen to be believed"

Located in South East Asia on the Indochina Peninsula, Thailand is a country with an almost mythical status in the world of travel and holidays. This ancient nation is at the top of every discerning tourist’s to-do list and it’s easy to see why. The ancient ruins, temples, jungles, wild countryside, beaches and tropical islands of this breathtakingly beautiful country really do have to be seen to be believed. In the capital city, Bangkok, ultra-modern buildings rise right up to the sky right next to crowded streets where locals bustle around colourful market stalls. With the help of, you will find an eclectic collection of hotels in this fast-paced city.

If you would prefer a touch of tradition during your holiday to Thailand, then leave the city centre, avoid busier resorts and escape into one of the country’s many quiet villages or exotic mini islands. The province of Sukhothai, just 400 kilometres north of Bangkok, is a great place to escape tourist crowds and experience some authentic Thai culture. Here you can admire centuries-old examples of the architecture and spirituality Thailand is so famous for. After admiring towering Buddhist statues, pagodas and lotus-bud shaped stupa temples in Sukhothai, head to a rustic local restaurant to enjoy some traditional Thai food. Thailand is a perfect destination at any time other than the monsoon season and cultural events are held all year round. Head to Ubon Ratchani during August to enjoy the annual Candle Parade, or soak up some ancient culture in May at the Rocket Festival of Yasothon. At we can help you plan the perfect trip here whatever you're looking for, so keep on reading to find out more about holidays to Thailand.

Enjoy the wildlife…

It’s hardly surprising that a country which enjoys such blissful weather conditions also boasts some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world. Everything that the sunshine touches in this Asian nation is a sight to behold. The coastline of Thailand is a natural wonder in itself, whether you visit the mountain and jungle backed bay of Koh Lipe or take a dive into the crystal clear waters of Ao Nang beach to explore the corals and wrecks. Away from the white, sandy coastline, you will find some dense jungle which is brimming with colour and wildlife. Tourist hotspot Koh Phangnan is famed for its mesmerising rainforest where leopards, monkeys and sloths make their home; you can explore this region with a guided tour at any time. Koh Chang stands out for its exotic array of animals. Make sure you and your family brace yourselves for some close encounters with cheeky monkeys as well as some unforgettable visits to elephant sanctuaries on this island.

…And the wild nightlife on holidays in Thailand

The unspoiled nature of Thailand is out of this world but the country also has a very different side to offer visitors and that is its legendary nightlife. Be warned that everything you’ve heard about partying in certain parts of Thailand is totally true and you can expect to have some of the wildest nights of your life in the nightclubs, bars and pubs of destinations like Phuket and Koh Phangnan. If drinking and dancing until the early hours with some very colourful characters is not your thing, then rest assured that there are quieter options available. Beach resorts such as Hua Hin and mountainous cities like Chiang Mai are great choices for anyone looking for somewhere relaxed and sociable to chat over some exotic Thai cocktails and even experience some traditional dance and live music.