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Attention sun seekers! Summer isn’t about watching your flip-flops gather dust or spending your evenings in rainy beer gardens. Instead, it’s about grabbing your passport, packing those questionable swimming trunks and heading off for a much-needed dose of Vitamin D. Whether you’re looking for jet-set luxury without Beyonce’s bank balance or high-octane adventures in sunnier climes, you’re sure to find something to turn your frown upside down with Spectacular scenery and blissful beaches are awaiting your arrival, from the Mediterranean shores of Malta to the sun drenched sands of Tenerife. What are you waiting for? Start looking and get booking your summer 2016 or 2017 holidays today.

Keeping the kids captivated

While they mightn’t appreciate the stunning vistas or fine wine, a trip to the vibrant destination of Spain is sure to set your summer holidays to sizzle. Crammed with beautiful beaches, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to keep the kids captivated – from an endless array of water sports to the entertainment found in lively resorts such as Benidorm. If it’s island exploration you’re looking for, among water parks and beach brilliance, head to Majorca. Explore vast aquariums filled with marine life or join your little ones on a competitive game of adventure mini-golf – we can’t promise there won’t be squabbles but there will definitely be plenty of fun.

Leave the games consoles at home and embark on a family holiday that the kids will remember, head away with mates for an experience you’ll never forget, or treat your loved one to something special in a sun-splashed hideaway – the options are endless when it comes to the variety on offer with summer holidays.

Grab your bucket and spade

If your family fall into the sun worshipper category, the golden beaches of Turkey are just the ticket for your summer holidays. Shallow bays and warm waters offer an ideal place for little ones to splash around in, while bigger kids will enjoy exploring the cultural attractions of this fascinating destination. Those that have remembered to pack their glad rags should embrace the bustling nightlife of Marmaris – there are countless hotels offering family-friendly restaurants and activity clubs for the evening.

Soak up the sunshine of Gibraltar with its fascinating geography and history – the kids won’t want to miss an opportunity to explore the Great Siege Tunnels. If you ever tire of the sands, it is well worth checking out the numerous theme parks on offer and you’ll find plenty of them in Malaga. Tivoli World amusement park is perfect for a family day out while the Selwo Adventure Park will keep the kids entertained and out of the glare of the sun on lengthy afternoons.

Capture some culture

For those who prefer their summer holidays with a bit of culture thrown in, there are some excellent destinations to choose from. With its ancient architecture and mythology, it’s no surprise that Greece is considered a favoured destination for history buffs. Explore ancient ruins that offer a glimpse into the country’s considerable past or make the challenging climb up Mount Olympus for that Greek god feeling. You’ll find some historical attractions well worth visiting on your trip to Santorini, the setting of the beautiful Minoan city ruins of Akrotiri. Sail away on a boat trip to the idyllic island of Crete or enjoy the wealth of sand-swept beaches that populate this area.

If you’re looking to well and truly immerse yourself in the spirit of your summer holidays, Morocco serves as an ideal spot. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of the souks fragranced with the lingering scent of spice, or the belly dancers and snake charmers that patrol the medina – there is something special about this exotic location. Swap your beach for a mosque or marketplace or head out to the stunning site of the Atlas Mountains – whether you’re looking to relax in Marrakech or rock the Kasbah, you’ll never run out of things to do. Seeking something closer to home? From the charming canal ways of Venice to the ancient civilisations of Rome, Italy has long been considered a place of great history – just make sure you have enough time to sample their world-famous pizzas!

Own the night when it’s not too hot

Your summer holidays don’t have to be about relaxation – if you’re more inclined to party than to spend your days on the sand, there are some excellent destinations to visit. Renowned for its hedonism and debauchery alongside some of the best beach bashes in the world, the bass-thumping resort of Ibiza is a clubber’s paradise. Combine golden coastlines with high-octane super clubs for a dose of escapism that can’t be matched – if you’re feeling high on energy, there are some excellent water sports and extreme activities to be had during the day.

An alternative plan is to head to Magaluf, where you’ll find that winning concoction of sand-swept beaches and neon-lit nightclubs to fuel your party flame. Climb aboard Mallorca Rocks the Boat for a memorable addition to your break or don a wetsuit for a re-invigorating hangover cure.

Put on your dancing shoes – for couples or solo

Those looking to don their dancing shoes in a less raucous resort should head to Marbella or Rhodes – both areas that boast an energetic nightlife without the hustle and bustle of the famed party resorts. All-inclusive holidays to Marbella are sure to leave you feeling like a Hollywood superstar, without the need to re-mortgage your property for the privilege. Kos is abundant in Greek charm but not without its thrills – the small resort of Kardamena is the place to be for young people looking to spend the days topping up their tans and nights topping up their drinks. Meanwhile, nearby Rhodes boasts plenty of cosy bars and welcoming tavernas to prepare you for your night ahead – don’t forget your obligatory shot of ouzo!

Beach bliss on your bucket list

Whether you’re embarking on summer holidays or looking to grab a dose of winter sun, it’s hard to find anywhere more accommodating than the blissful Canary Islands. The volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote and sun-drenched sands of Tenerife are perfect for those seeking relaxed beach breaks with the family or in groups. If its beaches you’re after, however, both Croatia and Bulgaria will more than cater to the task. Sandy coves create a private paradise for you on your getaway, with a fascinating history to discover away from the sunshine. Revel in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea or drink in the views of this fabulously dramatic landscape – it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else.