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"White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, majestic hills and tropical climate make St Lucia a most idyllic holiday spot"

Memorable Holidays to Tingaki

Situated just 20 minutes drive from the bustling Kos Town, Tingaki is the perfect place to go for a relaxing holiday. There’s a great selection of things to do and see in this beautiful location whether you’re with friends, family or that special someone.

Tingaki beach break

The Beach

The beach in Tingaki is one of the best on the entire island. It offers a long stretch of beautiful golden sand, where the sand shelves to create a gentler swimming experience for those travelling with children. The beach has been has a EU Blue Flag award, so you know that you can expect quality.


If crystal clear blue water, and a long stretch of fine, golden sand isn’t enough, then don’t worry because Tingaki has terrific amenities along its beaches. There are snack bars, and cafés that dot the shoreline, providing thirsty patrons a place to quench their dry mouths, while lifeguards sit ready for any danger that may present itself. At the end of the day, rinse off at one of the showers available.


A beach holiday every now and then is a must. When you decide that now is the time, you want a beach like Tingaki that has it all. Here you can enjoy a terrific swim in the warm water, and retire to a sun bed where you can relax and soak up the sun. If you are looking for a little more, then Tingaki is still your place because there is a wide range of water sports available here.


For a great beach holiday, Tingaki is the place for you. With a beautiful sandy beach, great shops and restaurants, you have everything you need. But, for the best beach break you can find, book your holiday at the Aquis Marine Resort and Waterpark in Tingaki. This fantastic resort is nestled right up to the beautiful Tingaki beach. But, along with that, there are a number of swimming pools, rides, a spa, close proximity to shops and restaurants all in one 60,000 sqm of land.
  • Aquis Marine Resort

Tingaki couples holiday


Being away from the tourist resorts, Tingaki is a perfect destination for the couple looking to enjoy their time together. Here you’ll get the opportunity to experience true Greek living. Part of what it means to get a taste of real Greece is to enjoy the perfect year-round sun in peace and quiet.


The beaches in Tingaki are as good as they get, so a holiday here must be spent soaking up the beauty of the shore. It is not only beauty Tingaki offers; it is a wealth of activities, such as paddle boating, snorkelling, diving and much more. However, the beach isn’t all that is great about Tingaki. From here you are perfectly set up to base your exploration of the entire island.


Tingaki is not known for its nightlife, but that doesn’t have to spell doom for the couples looking for a vibrant night out. Tingaki is a the perfect location for those looking to spend a night out at the bars, pubs and nightclubs of Kos, while also have the opportunity to get away from it when desired.


No couple’s getaway is the same, so whether you are looking for luxury, or budget, Tingaki has you covered. If you are looking for a luxury stay, then book at the five-star Iberostar Odysseus This fantastic resort provides excellent beachfront property, entertainment and fine dining. But, if you and that someone special are looking for something more affordable, with the same beachfront location, then book at the Atki Dimmys Studio, where you’ll find a fantastic holiday stay without a steep price.
  • Iberostar Odysseus

Tingaki exploring holiday

Day Trips

Tingaki is the perfect place to base you holiday to Kos, as day trips from here are easy. Venture out and explore Zipari, a beautiful village that can’t be missed, with its Basilica of St. Paul and the old Christian Basilica. Another lovely day out could be spent in Aspendiou, where you will find wonderfully old churches and a basilica. Or, visit Pyil to see the ruins.

Water Sports

Tingaki is well known for its fantastic water sports. Visit Tingaki and hire a jet ski so you can zip across the sea at blazing speeds; or go wild and get behind a boat on a pair of water skis. But, if you need to blend water and air, then strap on a parachute and parasail over Tingaki beach.


In Tingaki there are terrific festivals held here every year. The best is certainly the Greek Carnival season that runs in February. However, if you aren’t visiting during a winter break, then don’t fear, there are summer festivals you won’t want to miss either. There is the Wine Festival, and the Fish Festival. During the winter, before Carnival, you’ll be treated to a local favourite, the Winter Festival.


There are a number of absolutely terrific old homes and churches that you won’t want to miss on your holiday to Tingaki, and Kos. Pay a visit to Zipari, Aspendiou and Pyil for a bit of ancient architecture, or cruise along the main avenues of Kos to see the beautiful Greek buildings it has to offer. There is much to see and do here, so book that holiday today.

Tingaki family holiday


A Tingaki family holiday could be the best thing you do all year long. With its EU Blue Flag awarded beach, you know that you are getting quality in Tingaki. But, cleanliness and quality isn’t all you get from the beaches in Tingaki, you get a family friendly atmosphere, and close proximity to Kos Town for a wonderful historical fun day out.


When on a holiday in Tingaki you must take advantage of the fantastic water sports available. Anything you can dream of on the water, Tingaki has it. If you are looking for a day away from the sea, but don’t want to stray too far from the water, then you’re in luck because Tingaki has a terrific water park to keep you cool on a warm holiday. Also, the days can be draining, so if you want to relax, then spend the afternoon zipping around the go-kart track.


The Tingaki nightlife is quite mellow, which is a good thing when on a family holiday. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic meal, at your choice of a restaurant or a beach café. Many of the restaurants provide Greek dancing and plate smashing for your enjoyment. A meal in Tingaki is a great experience that you won’t want to miss.


In Tingaki, there is no shortage of choices for your family holiday this summer. If you are looking to travel on a budget this year, then consider staying at the fabulous Gaia Village Hotel. Being just 300 metres from a lovely beach, having 4 different swimming pools and only ten miles from the airport, this is an ideal hotel for any traveller this year.
  • Gaia Village Hotel

Tingaki Attractions

Beaches in Tingaki

  • Enjoy plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the sunshine and clear blue waters at Tingaki Beach, the longest on Kos.
  • Escape the crowds at Marmari Beach or nearby Mastihari Beach.
  • Pack up a picnic and head off in search of your own secluded beach for the day.

Tingaki activities

  • Try your hand at one of the exciting water sports on offer at Tingaki Beach.
  • Go out walking and hiking and discover unspoiled villages in the surrounding countryside.
  • Explore the world beneath the waves on a snorkelling or scuba diving adventure.

Tingaki nightlife

  • Sample some delicious local cuisine in one of the resort's many restaurants and cafes.
  • Enjoy the laid-back nightlife of Tingaki with a glass of wine or a cocktail in a bar overlooking the sea.
  • Catch a bus or taxi into the heart of Kos Town where countless bars, discos and nightclubs offer music and dancing into the early hours.

Top attractions on holidays to Tingaki

  • Explore the historical sights of Kos Town with its grand castle, ancient ruins and fascinating museums.
  • Take a day trip to Turkey and visit the resort of Bodrum.
  • Discover deserted islands, rocky caves and isolated beaches on a boat tour of the coast.

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Experience Greek Holidays

Tingaki is situated on a wide open bay that has beautiful sandy beaches and warm sea waters to enjoy. The beach is family friendly so you won’t have to worry about the kids whilst they splash around. Of course there’s great water sports facilities here too if you want to test your skills. Why not try windsurfing or parasailing. The weather is also perfect for working on your tan on-board one of the popular Aegean boat trips.

The history of this island is fantastic so don’t miss a chance to experience it with a visit to the popular archaeological site; sanctuary of Askelpios. Standing on the top of a hill you’ll find views here that stretch as far as Turkey. For a romantic afternoon head to the Hippocrates plane tree, the oldest tree in Europe and also a popular picnic spot. To keep the kids entertained head to the Lido water park in Kos with its great choice of exhilarating slides and pools.

The town of Kos is just a few miles away for those who want a vibrant nightlife with its many cosmopolitan bars and clubs. Holidays to Tingaki, however, have a quieter atmosphere which is great for relaxing evenings and families. Try some of the amazing delicacies of Greece in one of the tavernas or tuck into some wholesome favourites in one of the waterfront cafes.