Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh

Sunshine and Style in Sharm El Sheikh

Considered one of the premier diving locations in the whole world, as well as functioning as an idyllic escape for those in search of resort indulgence, Sharm El Sheikh holidays will expose you to far more than just the sun, sand and sea. Whether you delve into the depths of the Red Sea or not, you’ll still find countless things to do in and around Sharm, from venturing into the surrounding deserts to dining on the delectable cuisine of Egypt amid wonderful eateries.

Action, adventure and discovery are the primary themes for those descending on Sharm, perfectly-suited to those in search of action and adventure, though culture vultures will also find themselves mesmerised by the authentic way of life which is also accessible for those on their holidays to Sharm El Sheikh. Relaxation is also the name of the game, enjoyed within the spas and pampering facilities of the countless hotels and resorts that populate the area, ensuring style and sophistication sits alongside rejuvenation and exploration.

Discovery in the Red Sea

The magical underwater adventure scene is one of the primary draws of Sharm El Sheikh, with the diving and snorkelling amid the Red Sea considered among the best sites in the world for such activities, allowing you to get up close to a variety of colourful and intriguing species. Countless diving schools will allow visitors to learn the skills required to head out on a scuba diving trip or two, while those already experienced will find their Sharm El Sheikh holidays punctuated by immense dive opportunities.

Rays, turtles, sharks and shipwrecks are among the most sought-after sights beneath the waves, while those who prefer to snorkel will also find themselves spotting remarkable species of the Red Sea. Other nearby resorts such as bustling Hurghada and the more tranquil El Gouna are alternatives if the water sports scene in Sharm is a little crowded and it is tranquillity in the water that you’re after. Beyond the snorkelling and diving, you can also enjoy windsurfing, parasailing and water-skiing across the coastal scene of the Red Sea.

Relaxing and Exploring

If you need a break from the action, adventure and exploration during your holidays in Sharm El Sheikh, you won’t have to look far to embrace rejuvenation given the range of comforting and luxurious avenues you can venture down around the resort. The infrastructure is second to none, allowing you to base yourself amid style and luxury in a range of all inclusive, resort hotels, many boasting wonderful spa facilities where you can sooth your aching muscles or creaking joints. If the spa treatments aren’t enough, you can laze by a cooling pool or wine and dine at a number of top restaurants as the sun sets on another laid-back day in Sharm. The soft sand can also help in this respect, perfect if you’ve brought some good books along and want to catch up on your tan and beauty sleep in the sunshine.

If you fancy delving into the identity of Egypt during your holidays to Sharm El Sheikh, you’ll find ample opportunity to do so. Within the resort’s Old Town area you’ll discover an authentic market, allowing visitors to discover the traditional routine of everyday life for the locals, removing yourself from the typical ‘resort bubble’. Heading into the desert will also allow a greater impression of the surrounding area, accessed by camel trek or 4X4, these remarkable landscapes are best enjoyed in the incredible Mohammed National Park. Those that fancy taking some daytrips to other fascinating destinations in Egypt will have a number of tantalising options, from the peace and tranquillity of beautiful Makadi Bay, to the history, culture and ancient fascination that defines the incredible city of Luxor.

Sharm El Sheikh attractions

Top Attractions

Sun, sand, and sea: these are the main Sharm el-Sheikh attractions, and for good reason. The greatest attraction is probably the consistent sunshine, as the lowest average temperature is around 22C in January and December, getting up to around 36C in July and August. This Egyptian resort town is host to a wide array of attractions and activities to cater for a variety of tastes. People also flock here for the superior diving that affords you the most amazing views of the aquatic wildlife in the stunning Red Sea. You can also visit the nearby national park at Ras Mohammed that is home to stunning coral reefs as well as a well preserved coastline that is full of wildlife.

Wine and Dine

The resort hotels all have their own restaurants and bars, as well as there being many local eateries in the area serving a variety of food. Egyptian and Lebanese food, like koshari and falafel, abounds throughout Sharm el-Sheikh, as well as other types of Middle Eastern fare. The Blue Fountain is becoming increasingly popular with visitors to Sharm el-Sheikh, serving a wide range of seafood, traditional European and speciality nights such as African and curry-themed events. If you fancy a taste of Western food, Sharm el-Sheikh also has all the old favourites such as McDonalds, KFC and TGI Friday.

Action and Adventure

Diving is the mainstay of Sharm el-Sheikh and much of the business on the waterfront areas is connected to this popular activity, including regular boat trips to various spots off the coast. Away from this, there are many other action packed things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh. Take a desert safari, accompanied by some local Bedouins who will escort you through the sand either on foot, by jeep or for the really adventurous, by camel! Another big action activity here is quad biking and there are many operators who will rent you one for a day, though it is advisable to take your trip late afternoon due to the temperature. With so many thrilling things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh, you can’t go wrong!

Family Fun and Couples

Sharm el-Sheikh is ideal a holiday for couples as well as a great place to take the family. For couples, there is always the restful option of simply finding yourself a spot on the beach and lapping up the sunshine, with the occasional dip in the clear blue waters. After all that lying down, you can take an evening walk as the sun sets and find yourself a spot in one of the fine places to eat. There are also many things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh for families; the main hotels have excellent pool facilities, though the beaches in this area have extensive shallows that are perfect for the little ones to paddle in and even spot a whole host of exotic fish species. For couples and families there is always the opportunity to take a trip to Giza and see the world famous pyramids.

Recharge and Relax

There are many relaxing things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh. Spending time by the hotel pool and occasionally grabbing yourself a drink from the poolside bar will satisfy the need to recharge for most. If you want to really take the relaxing up a notch, many of the large hotels have their own extensive spa and wellness facilities, so if after a long day lying by the pool or on the beach you need to relax some more, many of the treatments will be on your doorstep. Most hotels offer a wide range of massages, facial treatments and even a session that involves being wrapped in coffee. If you fancy exploring the sea without too much effort or getting wet, there are glass bottomed boat trips that allow you to kick back and enjoy the view.


Sharm el-Sheikh is full of places to go after dark and it is often a very lively resort at night. You can choose from a wide selection of pubs, clubs, casinos and bars here and there are even a few party boats for those wanting an extra dimension of evening fun! Pacha is a huge club in Sharm el-Sheikh, complete with its very own pool and is regularly played by big name DJs from all over Europe. The Hard Rock Café is also a popular place to go for food, drink and a good selection of cocktails. Bus Stop is a very cool bar that is actually shaped like a double decker bus and is a well-used pre-club bar in the area.