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Saint Paul


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Idea Hotel Roma Nomentana


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When in Rome

Once known as the ‘Capital of the World’, Rome has long maintained an allure of power and innovation. Today, Rome city breaks are perfect for those looking to absorb everything this stunning historical place has to offer – devastatingly beautiful architecture, historic grandeur, effortless style and cuisine of the highest calibre Italy’s capital is the perfect destination for a city break. Intoxicating, seductive and full of surprises, it captivates all with every curve of its amphitheatres, taste of its gelato and every ray of its ever-present sun. Stroll the ancient streets, shop in style at chic boutiques and gorge yourself on traditional Italian treats – there are plenty of things to do in this magical city.

A Room with a View

A city break in Rome has so much to offer. Art lovers, party animals, fashionistas and families can all feel at home in its patchwork of neighbourhoods. Those looking to be immersed in the Rome depicted in history books should stay in the city centre. Nestled between the dramatic ruins of the Pantheon, countless ornate churches and the magnificent Camp de’Fiori are numerous hotels, perfect for culture vultures. To experience Rome’s contemporary side, there are sleek 5-star hotels in the centre, giving you the opportunity to explore the sights from a city base. For an elegant mix of culture and beauty, stay in Colosseo – home of the notorious colosseum as well as a selection of fascinating museums.

Le Dolce Vita

For many, the allure of Rome lies in its artistic heritage. From its Etruscan roots to modern day avant-garde scene, the artists of the city have been pushing boundaries and breaking rules. Visible in its marble statues, baroque-style churches and Renaissance frescoes, the Roman artistic flair is distinctive and powerful. Wander its magnificent galleries, marvel at the array of architectural prowess on display and feel inspired by the city’s unique aesthetic. Rome city breaks are not solely about sightseeing and culture – there is of course, the notorious cuisine. From gastro bistro finery to home-cooked rustic meals complete with checked table-cloths and wine bottle candles, the city’s food options are endless. As well as the quintessential pizza and pasta, Roman chefs serve up great speciality seafood dishes, not to mention the ever-growing flavours of gelato available! While city breaks in Rome are a menagerie of romance and historical charm, this is also a city with its feet firmly in the modern world. Edgy designers flock to its piazzas for inspiration while quirky bars create a lively atmosphere with the latest in cutting-edge music. Get under this city’s skin and you’ll discover the vitality that pulsates through its very core.


Things to do in Rome

Top Attractions

The capital city of Italy is the famed central location of the Roman Empire and is one of the most history-rich and captivating destinations on the planet. In addition, the city is home to The Vatican – the centre of the Roman Catholic Church – as well as its famous Seven Hills and an overriding cosmopolitan ethos. These factors, alongside several more, combine to proclaim Rome as one of the world’s greatest cities.

There are endless things to do in Rome, and the historic centre is one of the main draws; the hypnotic UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll discover churches, Roman ruins, monuments, fountains, palaces and even a world wonder among its arsenal. Besides one of the richest histories in Europe, the city also boasts a burgeoning nightlife, shopping heaven and an incredible culinary scene; surely making Rome one city break destination that should adorn everyone’s bucket list.

Out and About in Rome

To catch a glimpse of one of Rome’s most awe-inspiring sights, take a trip to the Colosseum. Grand, majestic, haunting – this ruin is all of the above. With a vivid insight into Rome’s ancient civilisations and home for innovation, this is sure to be top of your list on your Rome city breaks. The rambling climb of the Spanish Steps offers a picturesque setting to take the weight off your feet and bask in the surroundings of the stunning Piazza de Spanga. Wander across to the Trevi Fountain to join the many that have exchanged their pennies for a dose of luck, through the ritual of throwing money over the shoulder and into the fountain’s depths. Art-lovers will embrace the Galleria Doria Pamphilj. Despite its shabby exterior, it hosts the finest collection of classical art the city has to offer. With pieces by Raphael, Titan and Velazquez to name but a few, hours can feel like minutes in this creative treasure trove.


Wine and Dine

Italian cuisine is one of the finest and most popular national fares in the entire world. You can find a decent Italian restaurant in almost every destination you visit, but there’s nothing quite like sampling the tasty cuisine in the capital city of its origin.

Pizza should be your first stop, and Rome’s pizzas are particularly unique. They tend to be a lot thinner in crust and crispier than those made famous in Naples. Two of the best restaurants to sample some Roman pizza are Pinsere Roma and Zizzi Pizza.

The next typical dish to go for should be of the pasta variety. You’ll find countless variations of famous pasta dishes throughout Rome. Ristoro la Dispensa or Osteria Barberini are two of the best and most affordable places to go to sample some of these tasty meals.

Arguably though, the most famous element of Rome’s cuisine is its incredible ice cream. Keep a keen eye out for the countless Gelaterias dotted around the capital where you can get an extremely tasty and refreshing ice cream to consume in front of a historic site, one of the top Rome attractions. Look no further than Tropical Ice Gelateria and Punto Gelato for some of the best flavours.

Couples Holiday

Rome possesses a typically romantic atmosphere, one you’d only come to expect from Italy’s cultural and historic capital. The city makes for a fantastic weekend break away for loved up couples, with many of the city’s primary sites omitting an amorous vibe of sorts. While stunning vistas, pretty parks and fine dining will only intensify that feeling – it is safe to say that couples won’t run out of things to do in Rome.

One of the city’s primary locations of romance is the beautiful Trevi Fountain. The fountain is particularly beautiful at night when its jets of water and beautiful carvings are lit up for all to enjoy. This has become a famous proposal spot, so if you’re planning to pop the question during your trip perhaps keep this location in mind!

The majestic squares are a great place to take your loved one for an evening wander, allowing you to absorb the grandeur of the city around you, and with a plethora of bars and restaurants on offer for you to dip into for a romantic bite to eat; these piazzas are a great place to start your night.

Action and Adventure

While you’ll find much action and adventure in the bygone environments embraced in every corner of the city, there are some more unique Rome attractions to let you get your heart racing. There are many great viewpoints around Rome which provide decent trekking opportunities in the city. Arguably the most adventurous is the journey to the top of the Vittoriano, accessible by a hefty climb and eventual lift – the resulting views are inspiring.

A number of companies allow rafting adventures along the snaking rivers of Rome. This is a great experience for anybody looking to indulge in the glorious facades of the city from a slightly alternative form of transport!

For an extremely unique and quirky bit of action perhaps you’d like to embrace the Roman history that little bit more enthusiastically by taking part in a Roman gladiator training course? You can strap on fighting gear and learn a bit of swordsmanship with qualified trainers – just keep your distance from the lions…

Culture Vulture

Rome deserves its very own culture page on the Loveholiday website – it is simply impossible to impart the relevant information that will justify the city’s cultural and historical significance. The history behind Rome’s attractions is better divided into different eras or topics, allowing you to cover various bases during your visit to the city.

The Roman attractions that must be on your list include the Colosseum, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the incredibly grand Pantheon, the imposing Arch of Constantine and the sprawling Roman Forum.

For a taste of the city’s Catholic presence, you’ll be pressed hard to visit all 900 of Rome’s churches! The obvious sites to visit include the beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica and The Vatican complex, while Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore and Basilica de Sa Giovanni should also be on your must-see list.

Rome’s collection of Museums and Galleries will keep you busy during your stay. For some beautiful art you should pop into the Borghese Gallery, while the expansive collection of museums in The Vatican will have you engrossed for hours, especially when you pay your visit to the world-famous Sistine Chapel. If you’d like more information regarding the city’s Roman history, the Museum of the Roman Civilisations will serve you well.

Festivals and Parties

The city plays host to various nationwide celebrations and historic events, many of which come at their most vibrant in the Italian capital. Liberation Day, taking place on April 25 each year, is a particularly joyous event. The day celebrates the end of WWII and the German occupation in Italy, marking the freedom of the country and the rest of Europe with various exuberant parades.

On June 29 the city hosts the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Among the impressive fireworks displays, the event is primarily marked with a massive feast – surely enough to have any foodie flocking to the city on that particular day?!

One of the most vibrant and exciting times to head to Rome is during the summer months. Between June and September the city descends into the exciting and colourfully artistic Roman Summer Festival. The festival hosts countless music events as well as film showings and theatre performances.