Holidays to Morocco

Morocco holidays

Situated in North Africa and boasting a kaleidoscope of colours, a spice rack of scents and a plethora of magic markets to explore, Morocco holidays are sure to set your senses alight. Listen to the sounds of snake charmers in Marrakech or the walled medina of Fez before heading to the sublime beach resort of Agadir; Morocco holidays are all about diversity while still showing off that irresistible North African charm, no matter which world-renowned resort you visit.

Why visit Morocco?

With temperatures hitting a toasty 30C and shores that lap the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco holidays tick all the right boxes. Throw in a few camel treks, safaris across the desert or exploring some of the world’s most interesting cities and Morocco will have you hook, line and sinker from the moment you arrive.

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Where is Morocco?


Magical Morocco

If you’re looking for a sun-soaked break with a large smattering of culture and history, look no further than spending your holidays in Morocco. Its accessible location in North Africa has earned it the reputation of the west’s gateway to Africa. With its subtropical climate, white sand beaches, vast mountains, and wild desert landscapes, Morocco has a lot to offer for poolside-dwellers with an adventurous streak.

Visit Marrakech or Fez and immerse yourself in the labyrinth marketplaces where you can find hidden gems and indulge in some delicious street food before relaxing at a luxury spa hotel. Alternatively, stay on the Atlantic coast in Hollywood-famed Casablanca or action-packed Essaouira for some beach-style glitz alongside captivating history during your Morocco holidays – you’ll never run out of things to do in this fantastic country.


Dunes and Mountains

Whether you’re planning a holiday with your loved one, a family trip with plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained, or a city break with friends, there are holidays to Morocco for everyone. The best time to visit coastal cities such as Casablanca, or the capital city of Rabat, is during the summer months as the climate is considerably cooler than inland. Winter is the perfect time to visit Marrakech or Oaurzazate where temperatures tend to soar during the hotter months.

Whenever you choose to visit, there’ll be no shortage of activities during your Morocco holidays. Camel trekking is usually high on everyone’s to-do list, or, if you prefer speed, it’s possible to explore the golden dunes by quad bike. For an entirely different perspective, book a tour of the Atlas Mountains while staying in Marrakech – swapping classy hotel for basic Kasbah. The range cuts right through Morocco; separating the coast from the Sahara and providing an insight into traditional mountain life in the country.


Captivating Culture

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is Morocco’s largest mosque and is well worth a visit; this breath-taking building boasts a glass floor that juts out over the Atlantic Ocean. Another cultural highlight is Kairaouine University in Fez, widely recognised as the world’s oldest university.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities, there are a wide range of national parks to explore; Toubkal National Park being is perhaps the most popular. Toubkal is situated high in the Atlas Mountains and offers great climbing and trekking opportunities. The relative remoteness of this region has resulted in the local inhabitants living a traditional and rural lifestyle that has remained largely unchanged for centuries and makes for a fascinating experience and insight into bygone Morocco.

Night owls will find Marrakech’s nightlife has much to offer; belly dancers and snake charmers patrol the historic Medina at dusk and late-night clubs light up Marrakech’s new town, while hundreds of street vendors take to the city’s square, offering a sense of spice to your holidays in Morocco.


Things to do in Morocco

Holidays in Morocco are anything but dull as there is a wealth of things to see and do. Visit the Red City of Marrakech and be enticed by its labyrinthine alleys, colourful demeanour and abundance of character. Boasting the hustle and bustle of its world-famous souk, Jeema El Fna, which sells fantastic objects from carpets and spices to pottery and traditional Moroccan fare, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Couple this with a few lazy days spent in the number of serene, green gardens that show the true range of Marrakech landscapes for a slice of relaxing paradise. Offering a great range of restaurants serving delightful Moroccan dishes, you can complete your day tasting traditional North African treats to really enjoy that much-deserved holiday feeling.


Places to visit in Morocco

If soft coastlines, incandescent waters and beautiful blue skies appeal to you, look no further than Agadir. As Morocco’s primary beach resort, it sees over 8 million visitors flock to its shores every year. Boasting a range of luxurious hotels, from 5* all-inclusive elegance to self-catering apartments that allow you to go out and explore that charming Moroccan hospitality, there’s plenty to keep you happy. Framed by the Atlas Mountains and with a thriving city centre, it poses the perfect option for a beach break that also hints at an electric city escape.

Let take you to this magical country; Morocco holidays are designed to cater for every type of holidaymaker, meaning that it’s ideal for you and all your holiday must-haves!