Maldives Holidays

From its pure pearlescent sandy beaches to its glowing turquoise sea waters, Maldives holidays offer desert island luxury like no other place in the world. Scattered across a collection of over a thousand islands, this exotic destination is the ultimate in tropical luxury, with resorts boasting their own private islands, exclusive lavish services and features that will make you feel like royalty within your own portion of heaven.


Whether you’re craving lazy days spent under the warm sun with the sand between your toes, or you dream of adrenaline fuelled activities in the sea, this enchanting destination promises to make your stay a memorable one. A paradise for those who want pure peace, romance and relaxation, holidays in the Maldives are sure to leave you enthralled.



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Maldives holidays consist of a diverse selection of beautiful islands, giving you a choice of exquisite destinations to suit exactly what you want for your exotic getaway. If you’re looking for a culture fix, you can head to the lively city of Malé and explore streets of brightly painted buildings and attractions such as the beautiful Islamic Centre and Republic Square, but still offers easy access to sweeping beaches and water sports facilities.


To get lost on forgotten shores head to an isolated island such as Raa Atoll or Addu Atoll, both of which offer endless luxury amid calm natural settings. Spend your days being pampered with spa treatments, or find your own little private corner of the white sandy shoreline to soak up the sunshine in peace. You can even delve into the ocean for some unforgettable water sports, such as snorkelling and scuba diving. Below the shimmering turquoise surface of the sea you can spot some extraordinary sights of underwater life, with a network of coral reefs that stretch across the area and are home to some colourful sea-life residents.



The Maldives is the ultimate destination for anyone who has ever dreamt of escaping to a desert island for days of pure relaxation and tranquility. Whether you decide to seek out some culture in its capital city, indulge in some island hopping, or just find a spot on the beach and forget about the world for a week, can help make your tropical dreams a reality.