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"Go to Majorca for mountains, monasteries, sand and sea – Majorca is the jewel in the crown of the Balearic Islands"

Majestic Holidays in Majorca

With an endless, sparkling coastline that is home to a collection of luxurious yachting harbours, sublime beaches, non-stop sun-rays and the abounding passion of its Spanish locals, Majorca is fantastically popular, and it’s not hard to see why.

Majorca holidays can be tailored to all tastes and styles: relax and kick back under the Mediterranean Sun on one of the island’s dazzling beaches, explore the quaint charm of its harbour towns or take in the beautiful sweeps of olive groves, almond plantations and spectacular, limestone cliffs. Sun, sea, sand, and scenery, Majorca has it all and more.

Things to do in Majorca

Soak up the scenery of this remarkable island and sight-see with a difference on board the Tren de Soller. Taking you through sweeps of incredible landscapes and leaving from the charming town of Soller itself, this is one of Majorca’s hidden treasures for sure.

Seaside Escapes

Aside from its reputation as a decadent holiday destination of beguiling beaches and romantic resorts, Majorca holidays also offer some of the most jaw-dropping scenery and dazzling, natural vistas to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean. From the dramatically stunning coastal scenes of ragged, limestone cliffs and sparkling, turquoise waters to the rolling expanses of vineyards, aromatic olive groves and sweetly fragranced almond plains, holidays in Majorca are full of stunning contrasts. The tiny, deserted islets of vibrant coral life are a great place to get to grips with the diversity of this destination while trekking paths that wind through the verdant hills are great for those who want to seek out the stunning vistas, Majorca is truly picture perfect, and ready to be explored.

However enchanting the inland landscapes and traditional towns of Majorca are, the main draw of this island escape is undeniably its glorious coast. Whether you fancy strolling through the trendy streets of Porto Cristo and mingling with millionaires, lazing on the sun-warmed sand of stunning Playa de Muro, or diving into some prime watersports in Palma, pack up your beach towel and head to the coast. Sit back, relax, and enjoy – after all, you are on holiday!

Glistening Coastal Vistas

Overflowing with beautiful beach resorts that offer glorious views and luxurious pampering in equal measure, finding the perfect Majorca holidays couldn’t be easier. The ever popular resorts of Playa de Palma, Porto Cristo and Callas de Mallorca offer all the sun-soaked indulgence and all the gorgeous white sand beaches you could ever need to holiday in style. Perfect for family stays and romantic getaways, Majorca’s coastal resorts offer Balearic charm, sumptuous Spanish flavour, and marvellous accomodation.

If the lively energy of Majorca’s famous nightlife is more your thing, join the crowds of fun-seekers and head to the world-renowned party capital of Magaluf. Dishing out night after night of vibrant, high-volume thrills, this is the place to find holidays in Majorca at their most fun-loving.