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"With cobbled streets, quaint buildings and donkeys ambling through the town, you’re sure to get a feel for Grecian life on your Lindos holidays"

Lovable Lindos

A castle-topped wedding cake stands tall on the eastern coast of Rhodes, a tropically green-tree base builds towards white-washed houses, narrowly separated by cobbled streets giving the illusion of one giant white structure, while these are overlooked by the magnificent castle battlements above. An eclectic mix of homely history and beautiful beaches awaits your arrival when embarking on your holidays to Lindos, the ruins of Acropolis and reconstructed Temple of Athena stand contrastingly to the vibrantly blue skies, while small spurts of vegetation shoot up through the cracks giving the sights that inherently ancient feel Greece has become so well known for. Although, sticking around in the prettiest town in Rhodes can be a sight-seeing experience in itself, winding backstreets being the passages to adventure.

Long Lazy Days on the Beach

With three beaches to choose from, each offering something different, you’ll want to carefully plan your Lindos holidays before travelling. Lindos Beach is the best for families looking to get involved, with golden sands and lapping blue waters giving a good base from which to enjoy the numerous water sports that litter the shores, while tavernas and cafes provide the perfect places to cool off with a chilled cocktail or soft drink. You won’t be short of things to do on St Paul’s Bay either, the rocky landscape and crystal clear waters allow for great snorkelling sessions and rock-pool raids for the kids to enjoy – a good place for a splashing time on holidays to Lindos. If you fancy a break from the hustle and bustle of the more popular beaches, then head to Vlycha Beach, this secluded stretch of sand is the ideal escape from everyday life, draining away the testing tensions!

Family Fun in the Sun

Along the coast are some scintillating examples of Greek beauty that have become synonymous with Rhodes; Pefkos isn’t too far away and perfect for a day drip on holidays to Lindos. From here you can catch a glass-bottom boat trip to see the teeming wildlife beneath the shimmering surface of the Mediterranean Sea, or perhaps a ferry tour to see the northern parts of Rhodes, encompassing the fantastic Faliraki where you can test out water slides in The Water Park. If it’s architectural beauty and culture you’re seeking, then a trip to Rhodes Town will uncover the fortified Old Town, showcasing medieval, blissful Byzantine and Ottoman buildings which populate the city in majestic style. Whereas Kalithea will bring you back down to serenity if you fancy bathing in the sun for just one last time during your holidays in Lindos, enjoying the vibrant views of the Mediterranean blue as you soak up the calming vibes given off by the Greek sunshine and heat. After exploring this lusciously lovable island, you’ll be happy to hear that Lindos offers a variety of cuisines to suit any prospective travellers, whether you want to gorge on traditional Greek dishes in Artemis, munch on locally sourced fresh produce at Zorba’s or feast upon the bountiful selection of barbequed delicacies at the Acropolis, you won’t be leaving for home feeling hungry after your Lindos holidays.

Things to do in Lindos 2015

Top Attractions

Among the many things to do in Lindos, ranking the highest has surely got to be walking around the town itself, white-washed buildings cramp together as they slope down the hill, on top of which rests the overlooking majesty of Lindos Castle, a prominent view of medieval Greece. Between the white pebbles of residential buildings, cafes and tavernas wind the cobbled streets and back alleys which guide you along your adventures through Rhodes, undoubtedly uncovering some of the hidden gems the island withholds.

Wine and Dine

As you search through the convoluted pathways of cobbled aesthetics, looking for things to do in Lindos, you’ll stumble across numerous bars, tavernas and restaurants to top up on whatever keeps you going, whether it be Mediterranean munch found in Med East, locally sourced cuisine at Zorba’s or a crisply shaken cocktail of chilled perfection from the Courtyard Bar – you’ll be sure to find good quality food throughout the Lindos lanes. Be sure to head to Melia Café and Bakery where you can sun yourselves on the roof as you enjoy puff pastries from the traditional ovens.

Action and Adventure

You’ll find a lot of the action situated along the shores of soft golden sand which have formed into silky bands of gleaming gold naturally over time. Lindos Beach and St Paul’s Bay are the two more popular stretches of coastline, one being a sandy shoreline where you can enjoy water sports ranging from scuba diving to water skiing, whereas St Paul’s Bay has a rockier inclination: rock pool adventures and sublime snorkelling sessions await your arrival here. If even the thought of all of those water sports wears you out, head to Vlycha Beach, a secluded sunspot of sunbathing bliss.

Family Fun

The beaches aren’t the only Lindos attractions where you can have fun; you can let your kids’ imaginations run wild in Rhodes Town, a fortified city of ancient civilisations amalgamated together in a stony segment of the past. Head north to New Town, where you and the family can watch ferries and boats lazily bob along the Mediterranean Sea, shimmering in the sunshine as they make their way to other destinations along the sun-splashed coast. Faliraki along the eastern shores offers up something special for the kids, The Water Park is a haven of fun and entertainment the family will never get tired of.


When the sun sets on things to do in Lindos, the island comes to life in Faliraki, a vibrant dance scene with air-shaking music, bright and colourful lights, as well as bustling bars filled with locals and other tourists looking for a good time. After a long day splashing about in the sea or sitting sultry in the sizzling sun, there’s nothing better than letting loose in the super-cool Matrix, throwing shapes as you try to land the ultimate dance move, or clambering up to the DJ’s booth to request your favourite club anthems in Bed Club. Luckily for you, perhaps when your wits aren’t at their sharpest, each strip is simply named Bar and Club Street, so there shouldn’t be any problems with finding the bar or club that’s right for you.

Recharge and Relax

Had a hard night on the sauce? Let the hangover seep away on the sunny shores and in the lapping waters of Kalithea Beach, a picturesque haven for anyone looking to numb the headache from the night before. As you contemplate whether or not to ever drink again, sunbathe on one of the many beaches that litter the coast of Rhodes, before undoubtedly deciding to do it all again later that evening – you’re sure to be able to get in plenty of relaxation as you gear up for things to do in Lindos’ nightlife.