Lads' Holidays

Let Loose with the Lads

Get away from the girlfriends, part way with the parents or just get in touch with the animal inside, lads’ holidays can represent many things, but there’s no better excuse than to just let loose on a no holds barred holiday with the boys! In the recesses of Europe’s darkest bars and loudest nightclubs you’ll find the man who knows no limits – or at least not his own – the dance floor demon who never thought his moves were that good, and the kid who didn’t apply enough sun cream…but it doesn’t matter because everyone’s here to unleash themselves on the world in a colourful glory of garish t-shirts, while necking vibrant cocktails you’ll never remember the name of.

Cheap Cocktails

Whether you’re saying goodbye to your inhibitions in Ibiza, kicking off the shackles in Kavos or have drunken so much that you’re crying for mum in Magaluf – there’s a reason they’re calling it Mamaluf - you will have undoubtedly come across the strip walk sharks who try to tempt you in with unbelievable deals on your favourite drinks. While not all the deals you come across will be good value for money, the cocktails are ridiculously cheap in places and in order to fuel your night on the town in Kavos clubs such as Future Club, Club S’ex and Limelights, you’ll surely want to take advantage of the cheap drinks found in European party spots during your lads’ holidays.

Choose a Booze Cruise

It isn’t a top party destination unless there’s some sort of booze cruise, but you’ll have to hurry to secure your places as tickets sell out fast, with most people buying them well in advance. If you’re making your way through the A-Z of clubbing destinations then you’d be a fool to leave Zante last on the list, and there’s nothing quite like living it up in Laganas. From Zante you’ll be able to hop on the Rum and Raybans cruise liner to freedom, stopping off at various clubs and beaches along the way to sizzle in the scenery, picking up a tan in the process. Get gunned down by rum and vodka cannons, dance on the decks in showers of champagne and get involved in the raucous games and parties – what happens in Zante stays in Zante!

Recover on the Beaches

If you wake up on the beach at any point during your lads’ holidays not knowing where you are, then at least you’ll be in the prime location to sit back and let the hangover roll away with the languishing tides – and you won’t have to reserve a seat! San Antonio in Ibiza has some great beaches on which to top up your tan and prepare for the next evening’s shenanigans, and the pure white sands and gorgeous views of crystal clear waters, invaded with youths and water sports, are unparalleled on S’Arenal de San Antonio, San Antonio’s main beach. Here you’ll be able to soak up the sun, keep going with the numerous beach parties or ponder over why that girl’s face over there looks so familiar.

Party Hard

Turkey offers up its variation on lads’ holidays in the form of Marmaris and Gumbet, both places providing a vibrant nightlife and attracting all sorts of people who will have experienced many of Europe’s top clubbing capitals. In Marmaris you will be lucky enough to find back to back nightclubs on Bar Street, a manic cacophony of techno temptation at Crazy Daisy Bar and the huge Club Arena that sees thousands of party-hard fanatics have the best night of their lives. However, during the day a slice of culture isn’t too far away, ancient relics and architecture line the streets for you to peruse should you be finding it hard to keep up with the non-stop party lifestyle in these parts of Turkey. For a slightly more Eastern European take on lads’ holidays, where the cities are brimming with culture, it may be worth taking a look at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, a hidden gem among the party hubs in Europe.