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Saint Paul


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The Garda Village

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Poiano Appartamenti

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Introducing Holidays to Italy

Acknowledged as one of the birthplaces of Western culture and home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the planet – it’s safe to say your Italy holiday will be a fascinating affair. Whether you arrive in search of artistic wonders, historical awe, delectable cuisine or stunning scenery, Italy is a country that will never fail to disappoint.

From ancient and historically significant cities that boast diverse culture and some of the world’s true wonders, to beautiful and rugged landscapes that are home to vineyards, groves and nature parks. Throw into the mix an endless supply of dramatic coastal scenery and unique islands such as that of Sicily, with its own personal identity and ethos, and you may just be visiting the planet’s most enthralling destination.

From its stunning surroundings and mouth-watering cuisine to its vibrant culture and heritage, there are an endless amount of things to do on holiday in Italy. With 20 regions, each displaying a unique character, you’ll find a world of opportunity – whether you’re looking to whisk away your other half on a romantic city break or uncover the country’s incomparable artistic treasures. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be wowed by the diverse and fascinating range of Italy attractions – just grab your passport and bags and jump right in.


Top Attractions in Italy

Jam-packed full of cultural offerings, there are a myriad of things to do in Italy for those seeking history and heritage. Once an ancient city, Rome is now home to a mass of restored ruins, fascinating monuments and churches. Catch a glimpse of the architectural skills of the ancient Roman people with a visit to the Colosseum and Roman Forum or make the journey to nearby Vatican City to browse through famous paintings, sculptures and artwork from centuries ago. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the unrivalled splendour of Mount Vesuvius, you’ll find some great Italy attractions worthy of a space on your camera.

Despite being immersed in historical and cultural attractions during your holidays to Italy, you’ll never be too far from some beautiful countryside and awe-inspiring scenery. Among the regions displaying this beauty is Tuscany, one of Italy’s top holiday destinations. The region is home to the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and breath-taking Siena, as well as an alluring coastline and a wonderful regional cuisine, complimented perfectly by some delicious local wine.

In the north of the country is the fantastic retreat of Lake Como, famed for its clean air, clear water and striking mountains, making this area a perfect paradisiacal escape. Along the lake’s edge are numerous beautiful little towns that cling to the water, while a bustling outdoor pursuits and water sports scene attracts more than just holidaymakers seeking some rest and relaxation.

Italy also boasts some beautiful islands, none more significant than Sardinia and Sicily. These large islands are situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea and offer a mixture of differing culture and wonderful landscapes to holidaymakers. Sicily is a rugged island, home to ancient ruins, a great trekking scene and the imposing Mount Etna, while Sardinia is a little more sedate, known as a haven for nature lovers who come in search of natural parks, stunning beaches and a vibrant sailing culture.

Wine and Dine

A country famed for its cuisine, you won’t be short of delights to sample on your getaway. Adorned with olive groves and orange trees and rolling hills beneath vast vineyards, this country’s produce is evident in its landscapes, leaving you to enjoy delicious olive oil and a hearty glass of red. While one of the main Italy attractions is its tantalising pasta dishes, you’ll find the best pizza in Rome. Journey down cobbled streets away from the tourist mass to discover freshly baked pizza by the slice, before indulging in a hefty dose of gelato for dessert.



Immerse yourself in the spirit of this vibrant destination by donning your dancing shoes and heading out after dark. The stylish city of Milan is home to a plethora of nightclubs considered to be among the best in the world – from chic jazz bars to the famed Dolce and Gabanna Club Gold, a restaurant and cocktail bar made of gold. Party animals thinking about what to do in Italy should head to Florence, where you’ll find a thriving electronic music scene and bustling clubs boasting DJs, dancing and neon lights. If you fancy something a little less energetic, head to the traditional trattorias of Rome for delicious homemade fare washed down with the house wine.

For Couples

Italy’s dazzling history and culture is best captured in one of its many remarkable and intriguing cities. Choosing which one to visit can sometimes be the most stressful aspect of your Italy holidays, with so many grand and significant destinations dotted around the country. Rome however is one of the world’s great cities, adorning many a holidaymaker’s bucket list - an obvious stop for any Italy break. A centre of power for over 1,000 years and defining culture, Rome boasts stunning Roman wonders like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, combined with Catholic grandeur found in the form of the Vatican and over 900 churches.

Florence runs Rome close as Italy’s most fascinating destination, a Renaissance city of art and architecture that will take your breath away. Don’t miss the stunning Duomo, the masterful Uffizi Gallery and the beautiful Ponte Vecchio.Venice is another must-see, the ultimate city of romance, with its unique network of canals snaking around sites such as St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge. In each and every one of Italy’s famed cities you’ll encounter a wonderful culinary scene and an array of great Italy hotels in which to rest your head – and you’ll need your beauty sleep when you find yourself with so many things to do and see.

From the romance of Rome to the meandering canals of Venice, Italy has long been considered a destination of love. For those seeking Italy attractions with their other half, it is well worth heading to the Amalfi Coast. Cobalt blue waters, dramatic coastlines and stunning views are sure to bring out your inner-Casanova, while a drop or two of the local wine offers a great complement to your Italian getaway. Take a boat ride alongside the glittering Italian Riviera, experience a moonlit gondola ride in Venice or recreate that famous movie kiss from La Dolce Vita at Rome’s Trevi Fountain – you’re sure to fall in love with Italy and each other.


Action and Adventure

For adventurous types wondering what to do in Italy, you’ll be pleased to find that these breath-taking landscapes make a great setting for action-packed activities. From mountain biking in the Tuscan countryside to horse riding in the Chianti region, you’re sure to find something to suit your thrill level. Join a hiking tour along the rocky Cilento coast or embrace the variety of water-sports that can be found on Italy’s wonderful alpine lakes. Of course, for those with a penchant for a wetsuit, there is no-where better than Lake Garda– embrace an exhilarating swim or try your hand at sailing a yacht.