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"Embrace pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and sunny climes in sublime Cuba."

Cuba at a Glance

Culturally rich, fascinatingly timeless and historically captivating, Cuba is an eclectic country that doesn’t fail to charm. Existing amidst a montage of sweeping pale beaches, archaic colonial architecture and the rainbow coloured classic cars, holidays to Cuba promise to open your eyes like no other.

Once a Spanish colony, Cuba has grown up encircled by a veritable cocktail of international influences, from French and American, to Jamaican and African, hints of which can be unearthed across its cities, towns and villages.

Whether you’re allured by the bustling streets of the fiery Havana, or you’d rather feel the sun-kissed sand between your toes in the picturesque Varadero, Cuba holidays will give you the chance to enjoy both a cultural city stay and a serene beach break.

Holiday Heaven

Cuba’s tempting capital, Havana sits nestled within a time gone by, offering small town charm but plenty of cultural attractions and must see sights. Its streets are scattered with ancient architectural wonders, with Moorish and Art Deco traces hidden between grand colonial buildings, which are home to tempting restaurants, vibrant bars and fascinating galleries.

Peering over the pearlescent shores is the much loved resort of Varadero, the country’s leading beach break destination, offering you a sunny stay complete with luxury amenities, all inclusive hotels, and water sports. Culture fans will find their fix in Trinidad, the ancient town made up of quaint cobbled streets that lead between crumbling colonial structures that echo its Spanish roots.

Cuba Attractions

The Caribbean island of Cuba is famous for its hip-swivelling salsa and hand-rolled cigars, but it also has a lot more to offer. If you’re getting ready to explore the Cuban archipelago, check out this list for ideas on what to do during your holiday.

Cuban Sunshine

Holidays to Cuba have the ability to satisfy the desires of even the most discerning traveller, whether you’re in search of cultural enlightenment, adrenaline fuelled activities or just some relaxed days spent with breathtaking landscapes.

By day you can discover contemporary art scenes that outdo many cultural hubs across the world, or you can delve deep into misty cloud forests, scale soaring mountain ranges and cycle between scenic sugar cane plains. Once the sun sets, many of the island’s urban hubs come to life with live cosmopolitan music in their local bars, sophisticated operas and ballets in their theatres, and fine dining across some of their finest hidden restaurants.

Boasting a tropical climate, Cuba is blessed with sunshine all year round, with its January winters only seeing temperatures as low as 15C. The dry season progresses from around November to April, whilst the summer months between May and October exist within the wet season. Needless to say, the rains in Cuba tend to make an exit as rapid as their arrival, so don’t rule out the summer season on the account of getting wet.

Get Active and Enjoy the View

Gleaming with once in a lifetime experiences, Cuba holidays offer an endless array of activities that will keep you thoroughly entertained during your stay. Visit the capital and hire a 1950s classic car to tour the streets in style, or hop on the Hershey Train to wind between the rolling countryside that tumbles away from the city.

Be sure not to miss one of the most cared for colonial centres, Old Havana, home to attractions such as the colourful Plaza de Armas Book Market, where you can enjoy an evening of dancing in the famed ancient Salsa clubs.

Set off for the south and delve into the underwater world of the shimmering Caribbean Sea with some diving in Maria La Gorda, or journey to the east for rainforest treks and riverside wanders within the misty Guantánamo Province. Soak up some party spirit in July at Santiago’s multi coloured carnival, or take in some peace along the Cays’ isolated beaches.

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