Top Corfu Hotels

Blue Princess Resort
Blue Princess Resort

Liapades, Corfu

from £270pp
Beach Star
Beach Star

Sidari, Corfu

from £134pp
Arianna Apartments
Arianna Apartments

Paleokastritsa, Corfu

from £132pp
Hotel Alkyon
Hotel Alkyon

Sidari, Corfu

from £158pp
Mareblue Beach Resort
Mareblue Beach Resort

St Spyridon, Corfu

from £245pp
Corfu Holiday Palace
Corfu Holiday Palace

Kanoni, Corfu

from £277pp

Discover Corfu Holidays 

Out in the Ionian Sea and off the western shore of Greece is the lush island of Corfu. Many come here for its beauty and pleasant summers, taking full advantage of its pleasant climes and picturesque landscapes. Whether you long for a day on the beach or a mix of sightseeing and trekking, Corfu is sure to tick the boxes! Apart from its sunny beaches and mystical green forests, Corfu lures its visitors with striking blue waters which make it a top destination for spending quality time away from it all. Corfu’s postcard-perfect historical sites and natural surroundings are well suited for all kinds of activities, from hiking to sightseeing to having a blast in a club after a day’s rest on the beach. Local clubs and tavernas are a great way to acquaint yourself with the Greek way of life through its fare, dance, and laid-back attitude. Discover everything this island has to offer with an all inclusive deal and have all you need at your fingertips.

Top Attractions for Corfu Holidays 

Soaking up the sun on one of Corfu’s beaches is just as good as venturing down a trail in the cool of a pine forest, all thanks to Corfu’s northern location. You will find that the weather in Corfu is great for both action-packed holidays and sightseeing alike. Chapels, forts and palaces challenge long stretches of beaches in a battle for your attention, making both culture and nature the two main reasons why a visit to Corfu is a must.

Corfu Beach Bliss

The island has all the makings of a beach bum’s paradise, especially in the summer months. A holiday to Corfu in early June or late September means you can enjoy slightly less warm climes, and the island has plenty of places to satisfy your inner beach bum’s holiday needs. For the on-the-beach type of holiday, the former fishing village Roda proves to be among the most popular ones with sand-seekers. There are many ways to keep you busy here, many of which include making a splash, of course! Quad bike safaris, cycling, horse riding and fishing, along with boat trips and water sports are up for grabs for an all-round experience. Fans of sandy beaches choose the town of Agios Gordios mainly for its coastal views. This is also where the active ones make the most of the scenery while having a blast on a motorbike or taming waves from the safety of a hired boat. Visit the nearby resort towns of Sinarades or Pentati and witness the unseen Corfu first-hand. While the much younger folk rush off in groups on holiday to sip freedom in the party-orientated city of Kavos, Kassiopi attracts adventure-seekers with a similar buzz. In Kassiopi pebbly beaches jutting out into rocky coves and bays are just as common as tavernas, clubs and music bars. Fancy a taste of local heritage and culture? The Kassiopi castle is just the ticket.

All will be happy at the Mareblue Beach Resort, which not only sits just 800m from the beach, and a children's pool, plus an adults' pool to enjoy. 

Wine and Dine in Corfu 

When in Corfu, eating throughout the day is just as much of an activity as any other. For a starter, hush your pangs of hunger with a bowl full of feta or the savoury tiropita. Greeks have a way with meat and spices, so feel free to sink your teeth into their succulent sofrito and stifado for the main course. Top it off with a sweet dessert called baklava. To embrace the true lifestyle of the Greeks however, make your way to one of the local Kafenions. Grab a friend and share your stories over coffee, Greek-style. As an alternative, grab a glass of tsitsibira – the second best thing next to ginger beer! While a traditional Greek taverna is still a place to go to for a midday meal, take the chance at an ouzeria where you wash down mezze with... you guessed it, ouzo. If you yearn for some red carpet treatment, try a posh estiatorio instead. For a sweet finish, go to a zacharoplasteion: coffee, sweets and baked goods - all are sold in one place. How convenient!

Action and Adventure for Corfu Holidays 

You are bound to get your second wind with the first rays of the Corfu sun. Pine tree forests offer many trails for trekking, and the little villages off the beaten track hide many a secret for you to discover on foot. Bikes and motorbikes are alternatives to getting round the island too. Those into sports will hardly get out of shape taking advantage of facilities for tennis, golf and cricket. Talking adventure would not be complete without water sports, so take a ride in a canoe or pedalo as a warm-up, and then feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you have a go on a wakeboard or a pair of water skis. Try diving and paragliding if you want to look at your holiday from a brand-new perspective!

The island's Corfu Palace Hotel offers a great range of activities, from tennis to the spa, and even an in-house casino. 

Family Fun in Corfu 

Corfu is a natural pick for both solo travellers and families owing to its reputation as a safe haven. Apart from the all-time favourite pastimes you find on the beach, there are water parks in Corfu that are a mixed bag of beautiful surroundings and fun with their sky-high water slides. What’s a Greek island without ruins? Corfu is home to a number of well-preserved sights as well as overgrown ruins. These are perfect for outdoor activities such as treasure hunts or picnicking in the wild. Depending on where you’re staying, your resort may also provide options such as horse cart rides or flying model aircraft. Keep your eyes peeled for these lesser known attractions not to be missed.

Stay in total comfort at the Primasol Louis Ionian Sun Hotel, fronted by the beautiful sea, and featuring its own charming outdoor pool. 

Couples' Holidays to Corfu 

Culture vultures, get your picnic baskets ready and set out to Angelókastro - Corfu's most prized castle that still stands tall today. Yet another reason for Greeks to be proud of their heritage! The Greek may not speak much of other nations, but they sure love others’ history as much as their own. Come to the one-of-a-kind Asian Art Museum and discover the Far East and India through a pair of Greek eyes. To learn how an Austrian empress had quite a soft spot for the Greek hero Achilles, head to Sissi's palace (aka the Achillion). A definite must for all mythology geeks. If you dare go a bit further, take a ferry to Agii Saranda in Albania (whose shores you can actually see from Corfu!) and then veer off the beaten path to the wild ruin complex called Butrint. Roman baths, aqueducts and a forum lie in wait to be discovered.

Recharge and Relax in Corfu 

Seeing Corfu’s crystal waters and green mountains is enough to put you in a dreamy mood, so a leisurely stroll amidst its nature and against a backdrop of deserted ruins is never a bad option. For complete immersion hire a boat or a yacht and set out in search of a secluded beach or cove, many of which are best accessed by sea. We cannot promise you will be the first to set foot there, but these minor spots are unmatched for their peace and quiet.