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"Turquoise waters embrace white sands in the spectacular islands of Cape Verde!"

An infusion of rural Portugal and Africa will awaken all your senses when on holiday in the Cape Verde islands. Whilst the official language is Portuguese, you will hear many variations of Cape Verdean Creole, and music which also incorporates tastes from Brazil. Watch the morna dance or more modern passada, and savour the wonderful tastes of typical Cape Verde dishes particularly the delicious fish cuisine.

Most of the Cape Verde islands have their own characteristics; flat, arid, volcanic, mountainous, long sweeping beaches or small coves. Rainfall in Cape Verde only amounts to about 2.7 inches a year of which about half falls in September. The temperature is about 75 F in January and February, and about 85 F in September. A Portuguese island until the 1970’s, Cape Verde changed it currency to the Euro from the Portuguese escudo.

Santiago is the largest island and located to the south of the group. The capital is Praia which is the location of one of Cape Verde’s international airport. The island is mountainous and offers a host of off the beaten track beaches, and Praia, a good choice of restaurants and fascinating nightlife.

To the west of Santiago Island is Fogo Island. Whilst all the Cape Verde islands are volcanic, Fogo has the only active volcano which last erupted in 1995.

Boa Vista Island is the furthest east of the Cape Verde islands and boasts an amazing 55 km of stunning white sandy beaches lined with tropical palms. To the north of Boa Vista is the island of Sal, a flat island boasting some gorgeous sandy beaches.

Sao Vicente Island is located to the north west of the islands and is a super choice for walkers and those interested in painting, drawing or photography.

Cape Verde Islands Activity Holidays


The Cape Verde archipelago features a total of ten separate islands, so if it’s action you’re looking for, why not go exploring? There are plenty of boat trips and tours on offer here. Alternatively, you’ll be able to splash around at one of the local water parks, or enjoy the hot sunshine as you hike or cycle along the coastline.

Things To Do

Some of the more popular activities on offer around the Cape Verde Islands include, of course, swimming and sunbathing. If you’re looking for more adventure though, then you could take a day trip or try out exciting water sports down at the beach, such as jet skiing and windsurfing!

Eating & Drinking

The culture of the Cape Verde Islands combines influences from Africa, Portugal and Brazil, so it should come as no surprise to you that the local cuisine is equally varied. Fresh fish is particularly popular here, and favourite local dishes often include ingredients such as octopus, lobster or tuna.

Cape Verde Islands Beach Holidays


If you came to the Cape Verde Islands looking for beaches, then you’re going to be in paradise. These islands feature some of the finest beaches on offer anywhere in the world, with miles of soft white sand sloping gently into the clear blue ocean. Add to this the perfect tropical climate, and you’ll be starting to see what all the fuss is about!

Things To Do

When you’re not unwinding on the warm sand or taking a swim in the ocean, there are plenty of other activities on offer here. You’ll find a whole host of water sports catered for, including scuba diving and windsurfing. Alternatively, head into the resort to find some great shopping opportunities.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine of the Cape Verde Islands tends to include a lot of fresh seafood, which is then cooked up to old island recipes, to give it a little spice! There are some great restaurants scattered across the islands, or you could even grab a bite from a beach barbeque.

Cape Verde Islands Couples Holidays


The Cape Verde Islands offer a string of beautiful island destinations, each one combining hot sunshine, fine sand and crystal clear waters. It’s hard to think of a better backdrop to a romantic break, than this island paradise! No matter whether you choose to spend your time exploring, swimming, or just relaxing beneath the palm trees, the Cape Verde Islands will offer a romantic holiday that you’ll never forget.


When you’re not too busy relaxing, you’ll find a number of exciting activities offered around the islands. You could have a go at scuba diving, for example, or even head out for a little windsurfing! Alternatively, check into one of the local spas to enjoy a wide range of rejuvenating treatments.

Eating & Drinking

The resort centre of the Cape Verde Islands caters very well for romantic breaks. No matter whether you’re on a honeymoon, renewing your vows or just taking a weekend away – you’ll be able to enjoy it with candlelit meals at intimate restaurants or even dining al fresco on the beach!


There are some great destinations here for your couple’s getaway. Retreat into the cosy atmosphere of Vila Do Farol for example – a luxurious and well-equipped hotel, on the south side of the island of Sal. Alternatively, perhaps the activity fuelled Hotel Morabeza would be more your thing, over at the resort of Santa Maria.
  • Hotel Morabeza

Cape Verde Islands Family Holidays


If you’re looking for the perfect family beach holiday, then take a look at the Cape Verde Islands. This island paradise offers hot sunshine and crystal clear waters, along with some of the finest beaches in the world! The shallow waters here are safe even for young children, and there are even a number of exciting water parks on offer nearby.

Things To Do

When you’re not down at the coast swimming, sunbathing or playing beach games on the soft sand, the Cape Verde Islands have a number of other activities to offer. Try some fun water sports such as scuba diving or riding on pedal boats, or head into the resort centre and do some souvenir shopping.

Eating & Drinking

There are plenty of different restaurants and eateries on offer around the Cape Verde Islands, many of them catering well to families with young children. You could try out some of the local cuisine or just stick to international standards, such as pizza, pasta and hotdogs.


If you’re wondering what sort of family-friendly resorts you’ll find on offer, take a look at the Iberostar Club Hotel Boa Vista. This luxurious, all-inclusive resort hotel is situated close to the beach, on the island of Boa Vista. With its comfortable guest suites, first class restaurant and excellent children’s facilities, it’s just one of the many examples you’ll be able to choose from!
  • Iberostar Club Hotel Boa Vista

For the most spectacular views, take a trip to Fogo Island. A good pair of walking shoes is a must as well as a guide, and the climb up Mount Fogo can take around four hours – but the views are fabulous.

Cidade Velha or Sidadi is the oldest settlement in Cape Verde, on Santiago Island just 15 km from Praia. Accessed by water taxi or bus from Praia, Cidade Velha (formerly Ribeira Grande) was the original capital where Sir Francis Drake twice visited and has since been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage status.

The most popular beaches can be found on the eastern islands of Sal and Boa Vista. On Boa Vista relax on the pretty sandy beaches of Santa Monica or Curralinho, perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun. Travel to the south of the island and experience the joys of Sal Rei and Estoril Beach which are ideal for families and first experiences of surfing. Chaves Beach near Estoril is also gorgeous.

Mainly flat, Sal Island’s sandy beaches include those at the popular resort of Santa Maria on the south coast of the island where there is a choice of water sport and land activities to enjoy.

Generally the sea around the Cape Verde islands is warm with gently sloping beaches. Kite surfing, wind surfing and a whole host of other activities can be enjoyed.