7 Oldest Countries in the World

While there is much debate as to which country is the oldest in the world, there are a number that are considered to stand above the rest when it comes to age. Many of which are actually top holiday destinations, so we thought we’d create a list of the oldest countries in the world to help you plan your next voyage into ancient times.

Japan – 660 BCE

Tokyo, Japan

Although debated, 660 BCE is said to be the year when Japan came into existence. It’s not until centuries later that the culture we’ve all come to love came to be, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Japan’s Snow Monkey Park or the Okinawa Chiraumi Aquarium before delving into its rich and varied history.

China – 221 BCE

Beijing, China

Nowadays the country celebrates its founding year as 221 BCE, but many dynasties have come and gone since China’s inception. Among its oldest buildings are the Nanchan Temple and the country’s oldest preserved timber building, the Great Buddha Hall. Also home to one of the world’s oldest cuisines, there’s plenty for the foodies as well as the amateur historians on this trip.

San Marino – 301 CE

San Marino

Image credit: Andy Hay

One of the smallest countries in the world and situated in the heart of Italy, San Marino is an independent state that is said to have been founded in 301 CE. While small, the picturesque monuments have stood the test of time, most notable of which is the outstanding Fortress of Guaita –well worth exploring.

France – 843 CE

Paris, France

Founded in 1958, the French Kingdom arguably dates back to 843 CE, when many consider France as we know it to have come into existence. Significant as the time of the Verdun Treaty signing, old France can often be explored by heading to the Luxor Obelisk, a 3,000 year old gift from Egypt to France in 1829.

Hungary – 1000 CE

Budapest, Hungary

The Kingdom of Hungary saw in the millennial year of 1000 CE. Being one of the unique countries in Europe, Hungary has become one of the most popular destinations in recent times. To delve into its history however, make sure you take a walking tour of Budapest to ensure you see all of the sights.

Egypt – 3500 BC

Egypt, oldest country in the world

While the modern country is in many ways far-detached from its ancient counterpart and not considered a part of the same timeline, Ancient Egypt has shaped many of the sights you’ll see on a holiday to the African country. Pre-dating all of the countries on this list, the Ancient Egyptian civilisation is worth a mention for its pyramids, sphinxes and religious monuments.

Greece – 3000 BC

Ruins Sea Greek

Antiquated temples and ruins still connect modern Greece to Ancient Greece, although the modern version was not founded until 1832. With Acropolis, Parthenon and the Epidaurus Theatre all still standing in some form, as well as countless other monuments, we thought Ancient Greece was a welcome addition to our list as an ancient civilisation. Just don’t forget your camera!

From Japan to France, these are just some of the nations that make up our list of the oldest countries in the world. Do you know of any other old countries that could contend to be on this list? Let us know by commenting below.

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